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Mar 6, 2009 05:04 AM

Ariana's in North Wales

John and I finally made it to Ariana's last night. I hadn't been in forever, since one Christmas Eve lunch where santa and his entourage were eating a few tables over. We picked Ariana's because John had found some mead at the state store and was very anxious to try it. So we went to the closest byob. Good enough reason, right? Well John got the crabcakes appetizer that was on the chalkboard as you enter. It was mildly annoying that the prices were not included, but hey that's John's problem, not mine! John gave me half of one of the crabcakes topped with cream sauce, generous soul that he is, and on his first taste he informed me that whatever they charged it was worth it. Well the crabcake certainly resonated with me. I have been having a great deal of stress lately and the cake was warm, savory, tender, and full of big chunks of crabmeat. Just the thing on a late winter evening. The dining room was nicely filled with about eight or so tables. I loved that no one was really smushed in and the noise level was just right, a comfortable happy buzz. Oh wait, maybe that was the mead. Not sure how well the mead went with everything, but it was tasty. I got the margherita pizza and it was nicely done. The pasta fagioli soup was comforting enough but I will never order it there again. It had lost it's Italian soul and seemed way way toned down like perhaps soup you would get in the hospital or something. Okay I'll say it. The soup at the Olive Garden is much better. But I ate it all, it was healthy sustenance and I have learned to content myself with what is offered sometimes. John and I dug into the bread basket, and he enjoyed his eggplant parmigiana. The tomato sauce on his side of spaghetti was sweet tasting but not unpleasant. The service was casual friendly, the way John and I like it. Altogether a very pleasant meal. We will be back. Any recs on what to order next time?

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  1. Ariana's is one of the restaurants that we frequent. We almost always order veal. The price has gone up a few dollars over the past year or so ($22-$23), but it is still a good value. There are always four nice size pieces of veal on the plate (plus soup or salad and vegetables or spaghetti). I'm partial to the Veal Saltimbocca and my SO likes the Veal Marsala. I had the veal Piccata last time and it was good too. There are frequently coupons for Ariana's in the Clipper and I recently saw certificates for Ariana's on Ariana's is also in the Entertainment Book.

    1. Ariana's is our go-to restaurant regularly! I always order the scampi or the linguine with white clam sauce. I've TRIED to branch out, but those 2 dishes are just so darn delicious! I am happy you and John had a good meal there. If anyone goes on a Saturday night, be sure and ask for Megan. She has been taking care of us for years!

      1. Ariana's is one of our favorites. In fact, we'll be taking our youngest granddaughter for her first meal there next week. My wife really likes the chicken marsala and my late mother-in-law loved just about all of their veal dishes. I like the linguine & clams white and I also enjoy their pizzas. I'm going to have to check the Clipper Mag for the coupons, I must have missed that page!

        1. Ariana's participates in coupons. They are currently 80% off using the discount code of "MENU". Great deal. Now I'll try Ariana's!!!

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            I checked on and Ariana's did not come up.

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                Thanks for the link! I am tech challenged. ;-)

          2. Ok, givemecarbs is holding my email responses hostage for a review. I first entered Adriana's thinking it would just be cheep Italian fast food. Something about that Wawa shopping center keeps throwing me off. All the restaurants from the outside look like they should be fast food or something, but all of them have spectacular food and good service. It took my fist look at the menu for me to realize that the food was not going to be cheep. I ordered the crab cake appetizer special, thinking it would be two miniature crab cakes, and the eggplant parmigiana. The crab cakes came out first. They were huge. I thought at first they made a mistake and gave me a extra entree. I took a bite and my knees gave out. It was in this rich alfrado like wine sauce. It brought a tear to my eye. The cake itself was the perfect blend of crab meat and spice. There was very little breading, but the crab wasn't overpowering. It was the perfect dish. Next was the eggplant parmigiana. They used a whole eggplant, I'm sure. It was so much food. And we had mead. It was such like a midevil feast.

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              John, it certainly was midevil! I still want to know how your knees gave out when you were seated? I love your emo boy reviews though. Thanks for giving me half of one of those crab cakes, they were spectacular.

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                    $21.95 for veal parmesan is ridiculous, unless you get enough for a week. This isn't a 5 star restaurant.

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                      We ate there tonight. The portions were big, and the taste was good. I'm not sure if it will become 'our' place, but it is worth going for another meal. I'm just not sure that the food was worth the price.