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Mar 6, 2009 04:56 AM


I want to make yuca fries, but in the oven. Has anyone done this successfully? It seems that practically everyone recommends buying the frozen yuca and that's fine, I have access to either the fresh or the frozen variety. I like them crispy like french fries, but without the deep fat frying.

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  1. Aren't frozen french fries coated with oil so they 'fry' when heated in the oven?

    Simply putting pieces of yuca in the oven will bake them, not 'fry' them.

    1. You need to parboil the fresh cassava cut into fries. Then bake in the oven being careful not to over do them. Salt and whatever when they come out.

      1. after boiling, i would coat them with a little oil before baking.

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          I never tried it, but it seems like making yuca fries in an oven would be about as difficult as making french fries in an oven. It only works when you use so much oil you might as well deep fry. In my experience, the only things that crisp up well in an oven are chicken wings, duck skin, and fatty pork, all of which have plenty of fat built in.

          Bite the bullet and fry. Yuca is very starchy and dense. It doesn't absorb much oil. Certainly less than potatoes, in my opinion.

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            Yuca is one of many major crops here (Colombia) and is commonly consumed. There is a bit of trend in people going from deep fried to parboiled and baked. It is good and I have tried it.

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              I've had great success making 'fries' in the oven with sweet and white potatoes. Agree the Yucca will need some parboiling and then light coating of oil and high temperature. Salt before putting in oven.

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                I fakefry by baking, quite often. I didn't even attempt it with the yuca, it was my first time playing with it and I sort of par-cooked in the microwave and finished in a layer of oil on the stove top. I threw in chopped herbs, salt, and hunks of garlic- ended up using way more oil than I wanted to. I was the only one that ate them. I ended up melting mozzarella on top- they tasted wonderful to me.

          2. I like to peel the parboiled yuca and shred it, then make mini-latkes. Serve with tartar sauce. I also make it like garlic mashed potatoes.