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Mar 6, 2009 04:39 AM

Portuguese food in Smithtown, LI

I eagerly awaited the opening of Luso in Smithtown. The restaurant is owned by the son of Manny, the owner of Rodizio Churrascurria in Mineola, who used to also own a Rodizio in Smithtown that was excellent, large and had a long line to get in.

I was an early customer when Luso first opened and the food was good.

I recently went there for lunch and it was atrocious. Most selections were about $18, which is very high for lunch. The restaurant was 75% empty at 12:30. They served you three starches with your meal: french fries, rice and cold fried potato chips. My friend and I ordered the shishkabob. The beef was raw in my friend's entree. The beef in mine was tough and tasted rancid, whether it was old meat or pre-cooked and laying around for a while. The pork was not well cooked. When I told the owner, he laughed and made a joke to the waitress. That is the terminal thing with a restaurant, management just does not seem to care. I have to say that portions were large, about twice the size of what they should have been for lunch. But who cares, the food tasted foul. I feel sad to have to write this review, because I wanted to go there next Saturday with a lot of friends. Even though it is small, it is very easy to get into, and they do not take reservations.

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  1. hey, that is so sad....i know the place bairrada in mineola and the food is excellent. but from what i understand about this place in smithtown is that it is manny's ex wife luisa that opened it with her brothers (who used to be waiters at the mineola location.) thats what the buzz was in the mineola location. also, i see manny's son running the mineola location often. anyways, i'm glad you told us because i was going to go there soon as well. i expected it would have the same great food. so sad....

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      Sometimes you do get a bad meal, but the really sad part the owner was such a schmuck.


    2. Try Marcia's Kitchen in Huntington Village-Brazilian

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        Marcia's Kitchen closed and was reopened as Rio Bar and Cafe:

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          1. I hate to disagree, but you must have had an off day. It happens in the best restaurants. Could be it was just growing pains but……
            I was just there March 13, 2011 and it was a packed house. Patrons were waiting up to 45 mins for a table. I had the grilled shrimp $18.00 and my husband and son had the rotisserie chicken 22.00 (for 2). So much food we brought home. The accompaniments were rice, veggies and potatoes (your choice style). It was fabulous and done exactly to order; and judging from the comments around us (it is a cozy family place) they were much in accord with us. Try the sangria it is a must; however order the pitcher if both are having, a little more if by the glass.