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Anyone else think stinking rose is overrated? [moved from L.A. board]

been stoked for months, but...

...90 bucks for 2 people.

the swiss chard fondue was AMAZING.

the bagna calada was decent but there was too much anchovie.

the rabbit was pretty good, overcooked tho.

garlic mash was great.

no drinks, just soda, 3 bones.

for that price thought, coulda had a wayyy more amazing meal.

overall mood: kinda bummed


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  1. Yes. Yes I do. It's a novelty restuarant. Not really about good food.

    1. How could it be overrated? I have never heard any good reviews.

        1. I think you mean overpriced, not overrated. I actually like the place (LOVE the bagna calda and the garlic ice cream), though have been a little disappointed with entrees, and am surprised at the stinking reviews it tends to get across the boards.

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            My beef with the place is, apart from being touristy and overpriced, that it's just "let's see how much garlic we can dump in a dish." No attempt at balance or taste overall. There are other flavors in the world besides garlic...flavors that both enhance and are elevated by the presence of some garlic.

          2. Lemme ask it another way.

            "Is there anyone that thinks the Stinking Rose is NOT overrated?"

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            1. OP: Prior to your visit, what made you think it was good?

              1. It's kitzchy (sp.?). That's it.

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                  I think this is a place where tourists go -- I have yet to have one friend say "let's meet at the stinking rose." Surprised it's still around.

                  1. re: Silverlaker

                    Along that stretch of La Cienega, for international tourists it's either Lawry's, Stinking Rose, or Fogo de Chao.

                    How I long for the days of Ed Debevic's ...

                2. In re-reading the post, I'm more and more curious as to why the OP was "stoked for months" to eat at Stinking Rose.

                  That's like saying I was "stoked for months" to get a frontal lobotamy ...

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                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    Well, i work a whole bunch and finally had a night off to get over there. Im an insane garlic fan so i was super stoked. I never really read into the place, which was a big mistake. just not happy with the price, it was decent at best

                    1. re: GrillEmAll

                      Well. GrillEm, you've come to the place likely to reduce the chance of similar disappointment in the future. There's a number of places in So Cal which will garlic you to the max, at a lower price point, and with more concern for the food, than SR.
                      Check for some of the Italian places, some of the more authentic Thai places, and Korean places, some of which offer whole cloves of garlic as condiments/garnishes for BBQ or even sushi...

                  2. The food here is not great by any stretch, but I don't cry like a baby if I end up here with friends. I usually get the gnocchi in brie sauce. It's surprisingly good. The mussels usually hit the spot, too.

                    1. never been, but understand from friends that when it was just the original San Francisco location that the food was much better.

                      1. IMO, it's a ttrap and pricey.