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Mar 6, 2009 02:10 AM

Gordon Ramsay facing his own kitchen nightmare

Gordon Ramsay facing his own kitchen nightmare

March 5, 2009

Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant group has been forced to renegotiate a multimillion-pound loan after breaching agreements with its bank.

Gordon Ramsay Holdings, which acts for 11 of the chef’s restaurants including ventures at Claridge’s and the Berkeley Hotel, both in Central London, disclosed the breaches in its most recent financial statement. ................

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  1. And in a related story, he's the first British chef ever to win Michelin stars in France for his restaurant in Versailles:

    1. Based on the British version of Kitchen Nightmare's, my guess is he told the bankers to f*** off, stuff it, and then told them they were all a bunch of wankers.