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Mar 5, 2009 09:53 PM

Cape Cod

I will be staying in Wellfleet in mid May. We will have a car and don't mind driving. Would love the following recs. Happy to do the same for anyone visiting Southern California
Breakifast in Wellfleet - local, good American breakfast -
Casual, local, fresh seafood - both close to Wellfleet and worth the drive -
Romantic, special restaurant with great food -
Favorite Provincetown Restaurants
Lunch spot with great soups, salads, burgers etc. both in Wellfleet and worth the drive
Favorite Nantucket Restaurant (there for a day)
Hopefully everything will be open the week of May 21st Thank you!

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  1. Front Street in P Town and Fanizzi's by the Sea in a window by the ocean. I also like the Mews upstairs anytime for any event....

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      Forgot to mention the Brotherhood of Thieves on Nantucket, they have grog ;)

    2. I have to say that I am really surprised that no one mentions Finely JP's in Wellfleet on this board. They serve great, local food. I will grant that the quality was a bit better before they expanded, but it is still great. Try the Wellfleet Paealla, or their grilled scallops over linguine. It is what I would call casual elegant--I have seen people in shorts and flip-flops, and people in khakis and ties....They are open year round.

      For breakfast, try the Lighthouse ( ) in the center of Wellfleet. Also open year-round.

      The Bookstore in Wellfleet is often under-rated. They have their own shellfish beds, and their raw bar can't be beat. They also serve a great breakfast, and have stunning views of the Wellfleet Harbor. They are open year round ( ) --service can be a bit spotty, but is probably better off-season than on (In my experience).

      Wellfleet is a special place, and one of my favorite spots on earth, especially in the off-season. I hope you enjoy yourself!

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      1. re: justme123

        Thank you - these all sound wonderful! Again, we are happy to drive anyplace on the Cape for dinner

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          I used to like both the Lighthouse and the Bookstore, but not anymore, as I haven't had a good meal at either in a long time. Much better food, for about the same prices, can be had a Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet. Great for breakfast or dinner.

          Also, check out Black Fish in Truro, a great spot, you'll need a reservation.

          1. re: winedude

            I agree with winedude: I love The Wicked Oyster (Wellfleet) and Black Fish (Truro). The Red Inn in P-town is great for a sunset drink...fab and romantic. Dinner is good too, but $$$. I like Ross' Grill in P-town, too.

            Re: Nantucket...not too sure what will be open here at that time. Nantucket Wine Festival is mid-May, so most will be open by then. Lots of rumors flying around here as to what will not be reopening this year. Since you'll be here "for the day", does that mean you'll only be here for lunch and not dinner? If only lunch, I would skip the Brotherhood unless it is your only option. Fog Island is great for lunch downtown. Not sure if the Galley at Cliffside Beach will be open yet (very $$$$$$ but if you're only going to be here once, go for it). We have surprisingly few restaurants on the beach/water, and that's one of them. There's a new restaurant opening on Broad St, "Dune" (across fr Brotherhood in the former Cioppino's spot) but don't know if they'll be open by then, or even doing lunch. Ditto for a new place slated to open in the old Water Street location, yet to be named, and owned by the couple who owns the Boarding House and The Pearl. It's going to be latin themed with a ceviche bar.

            1. re: ciclista

              Agreed on all recommendations except the one for Ross' Grill....bad management without any sense that they are in the wrong....please avoid.....

              1. re: jspear

                If Tera Luna is open in Truro check it out..I had an ok lunch at Ross's but not amazing. What about Red Inn?

                1. re: phelana

                  We've been guided to Red Inn recently by some locals who say it is better, not as stuffy and the food is good. We are usually stopped by the size of our party and they state that it is difficult to sit a large party.

        2. Loved Victor's in P-town. We thought Terre (or Terra?) Luna in Truro was "meh."

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          1. re: Shooley

            Victor's is next on my list.....

          2. Nantucket-check out American Seasons,,,Boarding House,, BlackEyed Susans,,Stop at the Chicken Box just for a taste of local hangs...Back on cape watch for when the Beachcomber will open,,May31st? Enjoy

            1. My fav restaurant on the Cape is Moby Dick's right on route 6 in Wellfleet! It fits into your "casual, local, fresh seafood" category. It opens May 1st and is byob...

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              1. re: mom2

                gotta second Moby Dick's.....really just the best of everything there! Chowders are amazing, fish perfectly cooked, sides wonderful. Don't be put off if you show up and there is a seemingly long line outside. They have an "order at the register and we bring it to you" system, and they only allow a certain number of folks inside at the registers at a time. Its all very organized and runs like a clock. Moves quite fast.