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Mar 5, 2009 09:23 PM

Palo Alto for Dinner

I'm looking for a nice dinner in Palo Alto for 5. The group is really not-picky when it comes to different kinds of food. The price range is about $20-30 total (No alcohol but with tip) per person. Palo Alto Proper. Looking at Evvia Estiatorio. Any opinions? Open to all suggestions mostly interested in Asian and French. Thanks for the help

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  1. rthorn46, you'll have to give up quite a bit more information for anything more than a generic recommendation. Like what you think 'nice' is. 'a nice dinner' doesn't narrow it down much.

    Palo alto proper, or how far south and north? near campus, or university ave, or California ave, or what?

    Does the $10 include tax, tip, and alcohol? I'm thinking bucca di beppo at that price. I think even Peninsula Creamery usually costs me about $20 after tip without desert and no wine.

    Most "nice" places in Palo Alto have $25 *entrees*. Here's an example of my favorite "nice" menu in palo alto:

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      Sorry about that was in a hurry. I really meant $20-30 with tip (Without Alcohol) Palo Alto Proper. French or Japanese. Hope this helps.

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        Evvia's a very nice place. Homey, warm, go for anything roasted. The menu's online. If you think you can get in and out of there for your price tag, given the entrees are $16 and apps are 8, go for it. I find it tough because I end up with a couple of apps and a glass or two of wine.

        There is no japanese in that price range. Don't eat at Sushi Tomi or Mikaki.

        French: I consider Cafe Brioche on California Ave good, moderate french, and they're more expensive than Evvia - although I think I spend less there, because we do 1 app for 2 people instead of 3 apps for 2 people which we always do at evvia. The other french places are even more bistro. People mention Bistro Basia kindly, haven't eaten there myself. Ditto St Michael's alley. I think that rounds up all the french places in PA. PA's longer on italian, but other than BdB, out of your price range.

        You might consider the 50% off bar seating at Mantra if you're eating early.

        Hunan Garden's not a bad choice. Def in your price range, nice atmosphere, the food's decently prepared but not destination-worthy in my book - destination restaurants are closer to $60pp in PA, and you open yourself up to most of palo alto around $40pp.

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          Suppose I had $40pp and you had one restaurant to choose. What would it be?
          Thanks for all the help

    2. Evvia is out of your price range, as are most of the good French and Japanese restaurants in Palo Alto. One place to consider would be Hunan Garden, which has well-prepared Chinese food (a few Hunan dishes, but much from elsewhere) in a nice, comfortable setting. It's on El Camino a few blocks southeast of Page Mill.


      Hunan Garden
      3345 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306

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        Thanks for the honesty. I'm thinking that's a real possibility.

      2. Fuki might be doable...that's still Palo Alto, though it isn't like, University or anything.

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          I was at fuki last weekend, we spent between $60 and $70. Of course, it's sushi and you can order less.

        2. For Japanese in your price range I recommend Sushi House, in the north east corner of Palo Alto Town and Country.

          They recently had grilled yellowtail collars as a special, I don't remember the price, but was around $12-15.

          1. I love Evvia (my favorite place in Palo Alto) but I think you are pushing your price range a little bit. You might be able to sneak in under $30/head before tip by sharing apps, sticking to the cheaper entrees, and skipping dessert (or skipping apps and sharing dessert) but the top entrees on the menu are over $30 alone. I like St Michael's Alley (although it's been a couple years for me) and it is a little bit cheaper than Evvia, but still you would have to watch what you order to stay under $30 there. For your price range I think the best meal in the area might be Amber India in Mountain View. Poolside Grill at the Sheraton is actually a nice sit down place that has fairly good food in a casual atmosphere - I remember it being pretty inexpensive but I can't find an online menu so I couldn't say for sure.

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              Evvia is quite nice. Around the same price there's also Zibibbo.

              430 Kipling St., Palo Alto, CA 94301