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Dave's Fresh Pasta expanding

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Love this place. Needless to say, the pasta offerings are of a delectable array---love the simple, yet fortifying egg pasta, cut linguini style. Or, the pea, ricotta ravioli....so many choices. I adore the arrabiata sauce. And, they sell spanish marcona almonds salted without the oil (only place in town I've found this). A nice selection of wine at value prices, great dips for last minute parties...My only wish is for better bread. The bread selection, I hope, will be improved as Dave's expands. I wish Dave's the best as it is much deserved.

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  1. I like Dave's too, and I'd love to see it become even more of a specialty foods store in addition to the pasta. Where are they expanding to? Are they taking over a neighboring space?

    1. Yes, they are expadning right next door.

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        Any idea of when they'll be moving into the new space? I love Dave's staff and sandwiches.

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          I asked last week and was told three more weeks (from then), so by the end of March sounds safe.

          1. re: dfan

            That's strange, I thought they had done this a while ago. At least, I feel like it's been in the works for like a year.

      2. Just fyi -- I sent Dave a note about the bread when I first heard they were expanding and he was seeking recommendations. He responded that they are getting B+R bread in (which is win, because it is my favorite!)

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          holy smokes yumyum that is a score! we love dave's as well but their baguettes have been less than spectacular. (fortunately, we can get clear flour ones over at pemberton.) it'll be the bee's knees if they get good baguettes too!

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            Hey, he asked for recommendations, I merely shared my opinion. But yeah, it will be great -- and make Dave's even more one-stop shopping than it is now.

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              And, ciabatta! I just check and it is .1 mile from the Davis T station so I can get bread there too.

              Just added it to my list of places to try!

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                It looks like they will now have a whole room devoted to wine (saw some lovely wine racks being assembled this weekend).

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              Great work, yumyum. B+R baguettes at Dave's prices...awesome! Usually we get ours locally at Savenor's, where they ain't cheap. Dave's B+R prices should be more affordable.

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                yumyum.....B & R....the best IMHO......going all the way!

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                  Friends -- just followed up with Dave (didn't want to be setting any false expectations) and they are ON it. End of the month for the good bread. In the meantime, get on over and pick up some yummy pasta, great cheese, and a bottle of wine. This is a tough time to expand ... show some chow love.

              2. Also be sure to get on their email list and check out some of their tastings. They offer a good variety and fill up fast.

                1. Just stopped in at Dave's- the original space is open to the new space, which has some tables and display cases. Only a rope cordons it off. The blond woman who ran the last wine event I went to was there setting up a second cash register in the new part of the space. The new space is not in use yet, but looks very close to being so.

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                    We must have crossed paths just now! I stopped in to say hello and picked up a nice bottle of Cheverny. That blond woman is Dave's wine buyer...(forget her name). She is highly opinionated and oh-so entertaining.

                    Nice work, yumyum!

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                      The wine buyer's name is Felicia...and she IS entertaining! A friend of mine hired her to do a wine tasting for her husband & sister-in-law's birthday (they are twins). It was a great time, and Dave's provided some yummy apps that went well with the wine! My kind of birthday party!

                  2. My roommate walked by there today and said the expanded part of Dave's has now opened. (but don't tell anyone, because I don't want them eating my sammiches)

                    1. I checked it out today. They've done a wonderful job with the expansion. And yes, they have the bread ... B+R baguettes, plus various Iggy's for sandwiches. Note to savvy hounds -- day old (and discounted) bread in the freezer case for when you just need that brioche for a last minute french toast craving.

                      Nice selection of groceries, including various canned goods (Rotel tomatoes with green chile, Herdez salsas), specialty items like hot sauces, panko crumbs, udon noodles, rice flour. Good cheese and dairy selection.

                      As before, a great selection of sandwiches, including lots of veggie options today, although I had flank steak. The muffaletta looks legit too.

                      I really wish them well ... they seem very open to feedback, so check it out and support Dave and crew.

                      1. This is such great news! I once met Dave (and his wife) at a party. They are good food people -- and the tastings are great -- great value and a great way to meet neighbors. I owe my love of port (only discovered in the last year or so) to Dave! I highly, highly recommend the small classes at night. Probably not a better way to spend $25 or so on a weeknight.

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                          I agree -- I hope they start up the classes again soon! We went to a beer tasting and I was pleasantly surprised by the terrific and ample food that went along with the beers. I thought we'd grab dinner afterward, but we were both stuffed. As the parents of a toddler, we don't get out that much and this was a great way to spend date night -- try some new things and learn about the brewing process, be part of a small crowd but still get to talk to each other, have dinner, AND pick up some bottles of wine at a discount (I think it's 10% the day you attend the class), all in one evening.

                        2. Finally made it in, what a nice resource. They have River Rock beef (mostly frozen, some defrosted) and fish from Globe Fish (the fish lady's source, no?). Right now the frozen beef is 20% off, I picked up blade and skirt steaks. Gelati from Giovanna and Maple's (from Maine).

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                            Ya - we are so grateful Dave's is within walking distance. I just picked up some nice-looking wild Alaskan salmon filets for $10/lb today! They had lots of fish (halibut, buefish, tuna) in the cooler - I guess most folks have left town? The fresh cod was tempting, too, but I didn't want to overload.