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Mar 5, 2009 06:04 PM

Liver and kidney

I love liver. And kidney.

I love Salvadorean grilled liver plates. I make my own liver and onions. I make deviled kidneys, out of the Whole Beast cookbook. I even love the ginormous pile of liver at Roscoe's - though it does make me feel like I'm taking the chicken's sins into myself.

I'm thinking about it right now. I've been thinking about it since the perfect grilled liver at Feng Mao.

So; what are your favorite liver and kidney dishes in town?

I want more offal.

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  1. I love a good chopped chicken liver. Down here in the South Bay, NY Deli does a nice version of this.

    I love offal, but my problem is I find it hard to make that the only meat in a meal. So I never have a dinner of just liver and onions. I need some "normal" meat as well! That's why I always get the pastrami and chopped liver sandwich/combo instead of the chopped liver by itself.

    1. I like the Taiwanese dish of sesame oil with rice wine when cooking kidney or liver. Nothing compares to what you can make at home. But Indian I believe has a version and so does this place in strip mall with the Wendy's on Valley Blvd and Almansor.

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        Yes, the Taiwanese version is the best!

      2. Polka in Eagle Rock/ Glendale does a beautifully cooked, simply seasoned chicken livers broiled with onions and garlic.

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          Also, the chicken liver omelet at Roscoe's. (or plain, omelet-less livers)

        2. The guanciale-laced chicken liver crostini at Pizzeria Mozza come to mind. When grilled calves liver is on the menu at Campanile, it tends to be pretty awesome. And Osteria Angelini occasionally does a killer trifolati of kidney, but not very often: call. (La Terza's was even better, but it, alas, is no more.)