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Mar 5, 2009 04:41 PM

private dinner space for 15-20 people

Hello wonderful chowhounds,
I'm looking for a restaurant that is both t-accessible and has parking (though limited/slightly costly parking is okay, as long as it exists) for a private dinner for 15-20 people on a Friday night in June. This is for a wedding rehearsal dinner, in case that matters. Nothing too fancy, but something yummy. We're looking to spend probably about $30-$60 per person (not including drinks) but will take recommendations just out of that price range as well.

We're semi-foodies, so anything delicious would be great, but we were thinking of trying to find someplace in the North End since my fiance's family is Italian. We live in the Somerville/Cambridge area and people will probably be staying in Cambridge so we don't want to go too far from there but are okay with something that's relatively close on the t.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance :)

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  1. Mamma Maria's and Taranta in the North End both have private rooms available. Taranta is quite close to a major lot by Haymarket Station, Mamma Maria's is more of a valet thing, but easily walkable from that same lot.

    1. Are you a chowhound and a foodie??

      The back room at Lucca might work for you.

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        I am in the same situation, but from out of town. Looking to host a party for friends and family from out of town. Someone recommended Antico Forno Pizzeria. Any feedback?

      2. Ole Mexican Grill in Inman has a back room.