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Mar 5, 2009 04:09 PM

Birthday Dinner then Bar ideas

So my 25th Birthday is coming up and Im trying to figure out what to do! I feel as though its always same ol same ol!

So dinner will probably be 10ish people, open to any type of food really! Something fun!

For after, I cant really think of what bar I want to go to. Most of my friends live around lincoln park/lakeview areas... so nothing too far north or west preferrably! Probably try to find something that has a drink special (there will probably be 20-30 people). Any good ideas? Something a bit different (aka staying away from the 21 year olds at Barleycorn!!!). Nothing too clubby, Id like to be able to talk to my friends! ALL ideas are welcomed!

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  1. Carnivale is fun for a birthday--it's loud and raucous with very good latin inspired food and not far from a bunch of fun bars for the party.

    Haven't been in at least three years, but Rumba on W Hubbard by East Bank is a blast. If your friends get a few in them, maybe they'll even Salsa dance with you on the floor.

    Finally, Zocalo is fun for a big group dinner and on the weekends turns into Mexican dance club vibe after 10PM.

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      I second Zocalo too. I think its underappreciated as a Mexican joint; their flautas are excellent, the SO thinks that the tinga tastes like just how mama makes it. Their specialty cocktails (espeically the hibiscus martinis very tasty). Although I've only been to Avec with a small group, I've seen larger groups and they always look like they're having fun. Avec is on the smallish side and be prepared for a wait, but its perfect for mingling with other diners too.

      1. re: Eaterlover

        Avec won't work for a group of 10. Aside from their no-reservations policy, they have communal seating and the largest tables (actually, all the tables) only seat 8. So not only will you have to wait for a while, but you won't be able to all sit together, either.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          Oops, you're absolutely right. Strike Avec from that list.

    2. I've gone to successful group birthday dinners at La Madia, Quartino, Coast, and Ba-Ba-Reeba. I think Coast is always a good option because a) it's BYOB and b) there are a variety of different types of bars in close proximity.

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