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Mar 5, 2009 03:57 PM

Las Vegas Food Blogs

I'd love to read some food blogs based on the dining scene there. I tried to search Google but couldn't find any good ones.

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    1. http://www.offthestripdining.blogspot...

      also, you can also read the reviews on Las Vegas Weekly and The LAs Vegas Review Journal.

      Not sure how you define , " good ones" but my spin:

      The reviews in the LVRJ are to kind, to gentle. She has the occasional dig but overall, way too nice.

      Eating Las Vegas is written by a guy that does reviews on tv and NPR - mixed bag - some decent reviews, he definitely makes the rounds in vegas, a little too much of a food snob ( an Alan Richman wannabe - then again, Richman is full of himself too ! )

      LV Weekly - Mad Max - again, a mixed bag - he "competes" with Eating LV for Vegas Valley bragging rights - for the most part, i enjoy his reviews.

      Off strip dining - the working man's blog - not bad. Could use a little more variety.

      Just one man's opinion.

      Happy Eating !

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      1. re: kjs

        Curious—it that still pretty much it? Surprised someone isn't doing a more chowish blog.

      2. Just came across a good one: one of the most popular contributors on Foodbuzz just started her own blog, about both cooking and Vegas eats.


        1. - looks like a Will & Grace version of foodies in the Las Vegas and LA area

          1. The original comment has been removed