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Mar 5, 2009 03:56 PM

MSP - Grill stores

I don't know if this is in the correct forum, but I am looking to buy a new grill. I want a decent mid-level grill, and so want to stay away from Home Depot/Lowes etc. Are there any stores in the twin cities area that caters to outdoor cooking and grills? My first purchase will be a gas grill, but I hope to buy a nice charcoal grill eventually also.


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  1. Check out beisswengers, I picked up a Ducane Grill last year there. They do price match as well and are very nice to work with.

    1. If you have some idea about what you want, you can save yourself mucho bucks by purchasing something used off of craigslist. Last summer I purchased a very nice used weber 3 burner grill in good conditions for about 1/3 of what a new one would cost. Also, since most of the gas grill production has recently moved off shore (ie. China) it seems that build quality has gone down (thinner metal), etc. So buying used can also mean buying higher quality and if you buy a name brand product (e.g. Weber) , replacement parts should not be a problem.

      On the charcoal side of things, I bought my Big Green Egg from All Poolside in Maplewood.

      All Poolside
      121 County Road, C E Little Canada, MN