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Mar 5, 2009 03:49 PM

Revisiting Rouge

Okay, after seven years (driven away by noise) we again tried Rouge in West Stockbridge. Posts here suggested coming early, sitting at the bar, and trying the bar menu. Good advice! The bar was lively and cheerful and the food was good. DH loved his burger! The waitress warned us about an overwhelming bar scene on Friday and Saturday nights, but this was Thursday, and all was well. Decor lots of fun, like sitting inside a Christmas tree! Thanks to the Western MA chowhounds ---- (I wondered if any of you were there!)

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  1. Hey Tsarina--started to read your post and before I got to the end wanted to tell you I was there last night too, with a friend! Around 6PM; we were at the end tall two-top table nearest the new addition; I was the curly haired brunette. I had a burger (cooked to perfection, extra rare) too....though the rock shrimp tempura salad special was very tempting.
    Glad you liked the bar dining. My only sadness about Rouge is the bar tender is still learning her craft; I miss Brad. Did try our local Berkshire Mountain Distillery Ice Glen vodka for the first time in a vodka martini--was impressed.
    Perhaps some of us local chows should plan a meeting. Anyone good as a social secretary?

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      Oh, ho, Joyous! I should have followed my instinct and murmured something! We were the couple next to you, first ones there. I had on my inevitable hat: after 50 years my scalp has said No More Redhead, and for the time being I'm living in a hat, to emerge somewhere down the line all silvered.
      Next time at Rouge we want to try a few tapas, I adore smelts and they have one of fried smelts on the menu. (BTW, about the rock shrimp, I got a couple of pounds of wonderful Maine shrimp earlier this week at Price Chopper for $3.99 a pound.)
      It would be fun to get together some place or other, I've been curious also about frequent posters hollerhither and Lenox 637, and there are some more. When Dragon re-opens, might be good??? Think on these things as March grinds along...

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        Boy do I have cabin fever. I've only been out once or twice this winter and haven't been to Rouge since Oct. Glad things are going well there. I am itching to go to Dragon as well.

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          Hey, would be fun! :) Particularly to get myself west per all the recommendations I've read about but not had a chance to try, and especially once we see a bit of a thaw.

      2. I had my first meal at Rouge a couple of weeks ago and loved it. We sat in the bar too, and while it was crowded, I was so happy to see that business was booming there. My steak was cooked to perfection and I am looking forward to going back again soon. A friend of mine eats there at least once a week.

        Drove by Dragon the other day and wondered why there weren't any lights on on a Saturday night. What's up? I have yet to try it and have been itching to get there.

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          They may be still dealing with the repercussions (financial and logistics) of a major fuel oil spill when a tanker rolled over in their parking lot. I know there was a lawsuit against the trucking company but I haven't heard anything with the exception of the family buying 20 Railroad in Gt. Barrington.

        2. Lenox, it's been THAT kind of winter, we've rarely made it out either. Visink, Dragon is closed for the winter and will be until ?????????? I just called Twenty Railroad Street, G.B., where the Dragon folk are working away (NOT at the good stuff except for the spring rolls, and we haven't made it there either). Word is: sometime in April, maybe after the second week. Maybe. (Visink, that's the drawback of Dragon, one never knows, but otherwise, wow, is it worth it.)
          I'll keep checking in with them, and post as soon as I get some kind of firm date. Anyone have other ideas? And does anyone know how to facilitate this within chowhound guidelines?

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            We are fairly new to the Berkshires and recently tried Rouge for the first time - sat in the dining room and the food was fantastic, but one of us had an unfortunate experience with a violent gastroenteritis a few hours later. Oh well, sounds like it is still worth giving a second chance and would like to try the tapas/bar menu.

            1. re: BerkshireTsarina

              Wish I had know; I did notice you both when we came in! By the way, my favorite tapas is the mussels in saffron cream sauce. When they're done right they are ambrosial.
              Anyhow, I think the Dragon is as good a place as any to try to meet up! I stopped by a few weeks ago (drive past it twice a day when at work) and the sign said they were closed for their winter vacation and would reopen in April. I'll check again soon.

            2. The signs are promising for a Springtime Chowhound gathering when the Dragon stirs again.
              Late April? Meanwhile, everyone, hang in there! Joyous, maybe see you some time at the Rouge bar :-)

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              1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                It all sounds good to me!
                BTW, have been reading Michael Pollens blog in today's NY Times--he's asked people what their food rules are. Interesting--I especially like the replies from people who identify themselves as Mexican--speaking of food with love, reverence, and enjoyment, which automatically couples with health.

                1. re: mjoyous

                  Thanks for the blog heads-up, I took a look at some of the comments, my goodness there are a lot! (and added one myself).