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Mar 5, 2009 02:45 PM


My partner and I are traveling on a "club" tour and were recently moved from staying in Salerno to Cetara. I had done most of my "foodie" research on Salerno and with the last minute change don't have enough time to do as much research on Cetara as I would like. I would greatly appreicate any recommendations for restaurants in town as we won't have a car and will need to walk. We are staying at the Hotel Cetus. Thank you in advance for the advice!

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  1. You are in for a treat. Cetara has the best food of any town on the coast, in my (limited) experience. Next time I visit the area I will be looking into staying at the Cetus and hope that you will give us a report after your return.

    Here is my own report which includes 2 meals in Cetara; there are 3 well-known restaurants in this
    small town and all of them are SlowFood members.

    Of the two we tried, I would give the edge to Al Convento which was a little more homey and had a broader menu that included pizza and some non-fish items. Note that our dinner for two, with house wine, cost 30 Euros last spring.(!!)

    You must try both of these places, as well as Acquapazza, while you are there. All 3 of these are in the town center.

    You can get from town to town by SITA bus. We were based in Amalfi and were able to take the bus from there to Cetara for dinner.

    I am more than happy to discuss further. Just ask.

    Here is the report I wrote:

    Cetara itself is a great combination of charm and a "real" feeling that is lacking at some of the more famous towns, ie Positano. There is a town beach, too.

    1. If you want to get some great picks onto your list quickly, do two things: a) plug in Cetara in the "search this board" just above, and several great conversations about good restaurants in this area will pop; b) find the poster named "Erica" and click on her name. She is one of a handful of posters that I follow who have gone to some of the nicest spots and share my urge to find great, sometimes hidden finds in towns along the way to seeing other places. Don't be afraid to get off the beaten track and find one of these types of spots. Based on Erica's posts, we are going to check out Cetara the next time we are in the Amalfi area, largely because of the great posts from Erica and others who have travelled there first. Then, check out Cetara on and you will see that you have lucked out -- it is a charming village. Ciao!

      1. We ate at Al Convento ifor lunch in July based on recommendations from this board, and enjoyed our meal. I had mussel and white bean soup. My husband was extremely disappointed that the pizza ovens were not turned on for lunch, but enjoyed his pasta with clams. (See pictures.)

        The waitstaff speaks very little English. My soup was listed as "cozze and fagioli zuppa," and not knowing what "cozze" were, I questioned the waitress in my non-existant Italian ("Uhhhh, que cozze....?") . After a few moments struggling to find the words to explain mussels to me, she proclaimed "Fruitte de mare!" That was good enough for me!

        1. Ibellavia, I know this is extremely late in response to your post but would love to hear your Salerno research results.