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Mar 5, 2009 02:25 PM

Dallas to Texarkana

My daughter and I will be driving from Dallas to Texarkcana (and on to Little Rock)around Tuesday - Wednesday March 24 - 25.

Would really appreciate any recommendations for good chow-places near Route 30.

We are looking for good LOCAL cooking - NO French, Italian, Thai, Sushi etc.
We crave home cookin', b-b-q, Mexican, Tex-Mex- you get the idea.

Thanks to one and all! Your advice makes road trips infinitely better!

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  1. I've heard several people rave about Bryce's in Texarkana and their Southern Home Cooking :)

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    1. re: shannydiva

      I second the motion on Bryce's....their menu is very similar to the Highland Park Cafeteria in Dallas , if that helps . Very good food , right on Interstate 30 .

    2. You can get real good Tex-Mex at Two Senoritas Restaurant in Mount Pleasant.

      1. I realize it's a bit late for this guy, but for others who may find this thread, the Dixie Diner in Texarkana is also a good place to eat. Home cooking type food that is really well done and quite satisfying. It's on State Line about a mile or so south of the Interstate. And I love Bryce's, too. Hard to choose between the two. I'd eat at one on the way, and the other on the way back.