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Mar 5, 2009 02:00 PM

Vail Rec. Please!

Hello All,

Here in Vail until Sunday night, and I've sorta blown it a couple times this week with my wife. I've been skiing a lot and need to make amends before we head home. She does not ski and is therefore more than a little bored here.

So that said, we've been to Sweet Basil a few times over the last couple years and I feel like its been slipping a little so we want to try something new

Looking at Larkspur, and would love some thoughts on that, but would really appreciate suggestions on where the best couture food is in town for a couple night out,

Something along the lines of Fruition in Denver, Redd in Napa, Corduroy in DC, for context


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. CJ, if you skied the last 2 days, you have to be into serious punishment between the wind and the boiler plate. By "couture" I assume you mean at atmosphere, try La Tour, Terra Bistro, Sonnealpe or Wildflower in the Lodge at Vail (hit Mickey's upstairs after dinner).

      Here's a post I did a couple of months ago:

      My take, the best dining places in the Valley are:
      Larkspur - Vail
      Sweet Basil - Vail (like lunch more than dinner)
      Avondale - Avon Westin
      Dish - Edwards
      Juniper- Edwards
      Golden Eagle - Beaver Creek
      Splendio - Beaver Creek
      Grouse Mountain - Beaver Creek

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          We ate at the bar at Larkspur during the summer and had a fantastic meal although it was very pricey. Other than that we found most places to be average at best.

        2. I also totally agree with BlueOx. Absolutely adore Larkspur. The only thing some might see as a negative is it's not 'mountain decor' - but it is so classy and I love everything about it - food (every bite is ummm), wonderful wine list, and serious (but not stuffy) servers.

          Splendido is also awesome, all the way around (we usually save it as a 'big deal' place - like the last day of our time there). Very elegant setting - the wife would be impressed. If Peter is playing the piano, tell him the Behrs from Lexington say Hi!

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            Sorry that your wife was bored in Vail. There is a fair amount of non-ski stuff to do there.Since you'll be leaving tomorrow, I didn 't want to send you all over the Vail Valley, even for wonderful places. I know I'm late w/ this, but I just returned from the mts myself (not Vail), so I'll add:

            If you like French food, The Left Bank, Vail ( or La Tour (
            )If you want a romantic restaurant, Wildflower at the Lodsge at Vail, (

          2. We were impressed with Kelly Liken in Vail. We know Fruition in Denver and Kelly Liken compares favorably.