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Mar 5, 2009 01:59 PM

Taco Palenque -- Winter Garden

Just down the street (12307 West Colonial... close to the 429) from Talisco Jalisco. Very good Mexican in a fast food service style restaurant. Homemade Tortillia and a salsa/condiment bar with very fresh ingredients. Big portions, so big they will figure out soon that they aren't making money at current prices. Good Stuff.

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  1. I love the fajitas there, Herbert. The toppings bar is incredible--fresh cilantro, several excellent salsas. I actually suspect the meat quality isn't superb, but load on those extras and it's a great and affordable meal. The family-size platters are a great bargain. I'm not as enchanted with the other dishes there.

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      I continue to patronize this business. The food is very reasonable. A large homemade flour chicken taco. $4 and enough to satisfy a large appetite. Great salsa's, friendly staff, overall a winner.