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Mar 5, 2009 01:05 PM

What we ate in Maine, Circa...

I am curious about everyones memories of what they remember eating as a child in Maine.
I hope that our diverse age makes this post very interesting. I thought to narrow it down if everyone just thought of three things in this order.

1. What was a fancy dinner at home...Sunday dinner or the big dinner of the week?

2. What was cooked when everyone had to eat but nobody had time to cook?

3. What was a seasonal delicacy?

For me Circa 1985 it was:
1.Boiled Dinner, with smoked pork shoulder not corned beef...and mom had to have the "Knuckle" whatever that was.
2. Beans and Hot Dogs or Kraft Macaroni and Hot Dogs
3. Smelts or Venison

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  1. We had a boiled corned beef dinner on Sundays with a brown, butcher made brisket from Charlie in Bath. My Grandmother made custard that we never cooked, drank it with a straw and then had Hazel's Whoopie pies for dessert. Of course we now have solid arteries. My Grandfather would also cook out every other sunday on a wood fire, no charcoal for him until later in life. This was the 60's-70's at Popham Beach, visiting from NY. We would also barbecue mackerel and have it with eggs if we caught a lot the previous day, for breakfast.....

    1. Like most 1950s housewife's, my mom loved convenience foods and we ate a lot of them. I recall a lot of Kraft M&C and Prego, or something like it. A big dinner was a pot roast with potatoes, carrots and gravy. My father liked to make SOS, with canned chipped beef and homemade white sauce. Seasonal? We used to pick the asparagus that grew behind my neighbor's barn.

      1. My friend Leslie who grew up in Blue Hill said a casual Sunday night dinner was lobster and potato chips.