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Mar 5, 2009 12:42 PM

Ali Baba, Troy

It seems from reading on this board that Ali Baba's is the place to eat in the Troy area for a non-fancy meal. Does anyone know what their hours are? I'm picking someone up from Greyhound in Albany at 8:45, will I make it to the restaurant before it closes? If not any other food recommendations? I live in Saratoga Springs so somewhere in between would be great. Also what would you recommend to order at Ali Baba's? I eat everything and love Turkish food.

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    1. According to their page on the times union restaurant review site they are open from 11 am to midnight Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday.
      So you shouldn't have any problem getting there. I highly recommend going there. We love it and eat there all the time. My favorite dish is the chicken iskender. There's something about the tomato sauce and yogurt sauce on it that makes me completely unable to order anything else. My husband gets the iskender kabob (I think that's what it's called, it's the one with the meat cut off the big rotisserie thing). We also enjoy the appetizer platter with 5 choices out of all their salads. And be sure to get a glass of the sour cherry juice. Very Turkish. I've also seen people enjoying the various durum, and have thought about ordering one, but I just love the chicken iskender too much. Prices are very reasonable, too. Enjoy!

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        The durum are indeed to die for as is the pillowy bread with tzatziki.

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          But have you tried any of the iskendar plates? You may never go back to durum. Every time we go I think "think time I'm going to try a durum" and then I end up ordering iskendar because it's just too darn delicious.

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            We tried a meat iskendar and the appetizer platter. They were both very good, though I wasn't super crazy about the hummus or the grape leaves. But my mother who came with me has spent time in Turkey and she commented on how this was the best turkish food she has had in the US. Thanks for all the suggestions,