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Mar 5, 2009 12:19 PM

Emeri's vs. Delmonicos

Hi NO Chowers! I'm almost afraid to ask this question but I'm heading down in April as part of a group of 8 and of course, you guessed it some want to go to an Emeril restaurant. I've been to NOLA and it was TERRIBLE with a capital T... A couple of us are serious foodies (love places like Lilette and Cochon) but the rest really aren't. We are from NYC so no strangers to different types of food or expensive prices. In your opinion which is the better (or should I say the lesser of the two evils) with regards to food, noise level and service? I'm leaning towards Delmonico's but not sure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I'd choose Delmonicos every time over Emerils. The overall experience for me is much better at Delmonicos. I like the warmth of the space and I've had better service there over the 5-6 times I've dined there. Much of the food is similar on the menu's but I like Delmonicos menu a bit better than Emerils.

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      Both have excellent service and impressive wine lists. I prefer Delmonico's food. It is a quieter, more formal atmosphere as well. Whereas Emeril's is pretty loud and boisterous.

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        I think the atmosphere your looking for will determine your choice. If your a group of "serious" foodies who need quiet surroundings, choose Delmonico. If you'd rather cut loose a little(and isn't that why your in New Orleans) choose Emerils. That said, I've been to Delmonico twice, however it was 8 and 10 years ago. One of the best meals of my life was at Delmonico. I just wish they would change the decor. I'm just not a fan of the "soft rose" look. I have never eaten at Emeril's. That will change on April 3rd. A lot of people don't give Emeril much love but I have never had a bad meal at his restaurants. They have all been excellent. I still drool over the memory of turtle soup at NOLA.

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          I'm generally not a fan of "Celebrity Chef" restaurants they are often overhyped and the chef is rarely present...So this isn't an Emeril bash specifically...but I must say I was extremely disappointed with NOLA, both food and service...which is why I am hesitant about Emeril's and Delmonico...Glad to hear that Delmonico was good, my gut says Delmonico but I trust the opinion of fellow Hounders so I wanted to start a thread to see if I should trust my gut or not.

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            We have been to all 3 restaurants and prefer Delmonico's, mainly for its elegant, old time atmosphere. The food was equally good at Emeril's but it is a more modern environment.
            I had one of the best fish dishes ( on a cedar plank) I have had at NOLA but the service was SO bad, we will never go back.

            1. re: Bobseesit

              I agree with the poster that said the atmosphere you're looking for should dictate your choice. I've been to both and both had excellent food and service, but preferred Emeril's because I enjoyed the lively atmosphere over the stuffiness of Delmonico.

              1. re: nikinik

                The menu at Delmonico's looks like a steakhouse with "Creole/Cajun" influences...where Emeri's looks like nouvelle I reading into this properly?

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                  I dislike NOLA and was totally undewhelmed at Delmonico. I was also not a fan of Emeril's. This changed about 2 months ago. We decided to try it again spur of the moment. The food was surprisingly excellent. So good, we returned 3 more times. We're taking a break, dining elswhere but will definitely return. Try the daily oyster prep, Abita Rootbeer bacon(pork belly) salad, andouille crusted redfish.

          2. re: hoppy2468

            there's not a soft rose in the's all cream, browns and tans with some seriously comfortable banquettes

            I think Emeril's can be a little crowded and rushed. I've been crammed into corners there and been uncomfortable. I personally prefer Delmonico on all levels. (food/atmosphere/service)

            1. re: chef4hire

              I made an executive decision for the group and made a reservation for Delmonico's...I really don't want to be screaming at the person next to me in order to eat, that's cute when you are at a sports bar watching the game with a burger and some potato skins...but not my idea of a fine dining experience. The thought of being crowded, loud and rushed through a meal doesn't sound appealing at all...we can be loud somewhere else, like Port of Call for a burger.

              1. re: gremlin608

                good call! that's what I would have done, too

                have fun, enjoy and please report back to let us know how it went

              2. re: chef4hire

                Your right. Don't know why I thought it was that color. Looked at some pics online. Still not a fan of the color scheme.

        2. Having done both, though not back-to-back, I'd give the edge to Delmonico.

          However, I felt that the wine service at Emeril's was far better. That was my biggest complaint at Delmonico, though they probably have the deeper wine list.

          As so many others have said, it's probably a call on the general atmosphere of the two. I appreciate more formal and quieter venues, though have enjoyed Emeril's (pre-K). I do like the knowledge and "familiar" bent of the servers at the eponymous restaurant. They seem to "get it," much better.

          For me, both have offered good food and good to great wines and service (see above). I would base my choice on what "style" of restaurant YOU want.

          Most of all, enjoy,


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          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Thank you Hunt and other NO Hounders for your unbiased opinions...we are going in mid April and I will definitely post my views upon dining at Delmonicos and the other restaurants we get to over the long French Quarter Fest weekend.

            1. re: gremlin608

              We will be looking forward to these. Have fun, be safe and enjoy!