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Mar 5, 2009 11:42 AM

cafe jag in wakefield

For a quick night out last night, we went to this restaurant in wakefield. Even though our meals got a little messed up this restaurant is a keeper. First we ordered the veal oscar but they had run out and then our second choice came a little under cooked, it was still worthwhile experience. The meals were excellent. The owner came over to appologize and they gave us deserts on the house.

We would definitely come back here and this place is not to be missed

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  1. So what did you end up eating?

    1. I completely agree, in this economy most of us aren't eating out as often so you want a good quality meal when you go out. Please try Jag's, had a wonderful meal the other night that we are still talking about. Had the mussels and calamari for appetizers. Their presentation was wonderful as well. Mussels were sauetted with garlic, grape tomatoes and a bit of chorizo when gave them an extra kick. Calamari served with hot peppers, they were so fresh. The osso bucco my husband had was enough for two - you could tell it was prepared properly braised in wine. I had a haddock stuffed with crabmeat that must have had half a lobster piled on top, it was very decadent in a brandy cream sauce (it was my birthday so what the heck!). Please try Jag's you will be very happy when you leave!!!

      1. Mrs and I tried Cafe Jags for the first time last night. It's a keeper! Mrs had seafood casserole and I had london broil. Both with fontina cheese mashed and grilled baby carrots. Delicious. We went right after work so we were "Early Birds". The portions were somewhat smaller than the standard menu but just enough so we finished all. Two entrees, a couple of drinks and two espressos for under $40. Next time we'll go for just apps, calamari, mussles and fried oysters, yum!

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          We enjoyed Cafe Jag's last weekend, we've been going out maybe once a month or so with another couple to check out independent, local restaurants. Beautiful room, ambitious menu, lot of seafood on it, fine meal - and the chef personally thanked us! We look forward to returning.