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Mar 5, 2009 11:28 AM

Vegas recs before 4 pm.

I'm going to be visiting a friend there but his work schedule has him going in to work at 4 or sometimes 6 pm. So I'm looking for some really nice places to eat lunch. Maybe a few day we'll have breakfast but I'm probably going to be sleeping in. I know most of the nicer restaurants don't even open until 6. I love all types of food, price doesn't matter and I'll be there for 7 days. I will have a car so I can drive anywhere.

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  1. There are no good restaurants to eat at before 4 pm?

    1. The top restaurants in town are only open for dinner. However, there are a few lunch time choices that are very good.

      Rosemary's is way off Strip, but if you're willing to drive, it serves very good food at prices lower than you'd find on the Strip. There are tons of reviews on Chowhound.

      Lotus of Siam is another place with tons of reviews. Stay away from the lunch time buffet and stick with Thai specialties. Atmosphere: less than none. Food: very good!

      Tableau has in the past been very good for lunch or brunch. However, its original chef was recently moved to Steve Wynn's new property (Encore). Planned changes to Tableau have not occurred (the economy?), and the replacement chef has now left as well. I don't know what that means for the food.

      Bouchon has wonderful breakfasts, but also offers brunch on weekends.

      If you're a sushi fan, sit at Hyakumi's sushi bar. The sushi is good; the atmosphere stinks, as it's open to the casino.

      Want a steak? Delmonico is open for lunch.

      Emeril's may not be a top notch restaurant, but it was better than I expected. It too is open for lunch.

      1. Country Club at Wynn serves a fantastic lunch with a great view. A great place for an "over-the-top" splurge type lunch.

        You'll also do very well at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesars.

        Although a bit cliche, Spago at the Forum Shops typically comes through with good dishes.

        For a Italian lunch, check out Batali's Enoteca San Marco at Venetian. Try the veal/ricotta meatballs. They are amazing. Also the salted carmel gelato does not sound appealing but really delivers.

        Zefferino at Venetian serves a downright legendary Sunday Brunch. If an Italian gourmet gluttonfest sounds appealing to you, then you should not miss this. They even give you freeflowing prosecco to wash it all down.

        You have tons of choices in Vegas for lunch. Please report back.