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Suggestions for a ladies dinner in Pasadena and/or surrounding areas...

I'm hoping that all of you can provide me with some recommendations on where to go for a reunion of old friends. Three of my dearest friends and I are getting together on April 8th, Wednesday night. Our schedules have been so hectic due to work, travel, family and health issues that it's been a year since we've all seen each other.

I would like to choose a place that we haven't been to before. I prefer not to go to a chain restaurant. I would prefer something that has a fantastic menu (we eat anything), a good wine list, as well as an intimate atmosphere - if there is patio dining even better, but not necessary. Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time....

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  1. Pop on Union in Old Town ought to be a good places for a ladies' night out.

    Vertical Wine Bistro in the same area also sounds like it would fit what you're looking for. About 10-15 minutes east of Pasadena in Monvrovia is Cafe Massilia, an intimate French restaurant which does have outdoor seating.

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      1. re: Jack Flash

        Been to Vertical and have enjoyed it, but would like to try something new.
        Thanks for the recommendation Jack Flash!

      2. re: crystaw

        Never knew about Pop - may have to check that out...
        Sounds yummy!
        Thanks for the tip crystaw!

      3. Palat Food + Wine! There's quite a bit of hype around it, but it's well-deserved. Plates are on the smaller side, but prices are reasonable and there is definitely good wine.

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        1. I sound like a broken record, but I think the dining room at the Langham would be perfect. I love Chef Strong's food and the hotel is really beautiful.

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            I like the Langham, but the site may be a little upsetting for one of the ladies - it's the wedding site to her ex....don't want to bring up any old memories..., but thanks for the suggestion!

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              Yeah I would agree. Not the right place given those circumstances.

          2. mike and anne's in south pasadena. atmosphere, food, wine is all divine.

            1. and mike and anne's has a LARGE patio. great cocktails, desserts, atmosphere.

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                I forgot about Mike & Anne's! The patio is quite large and pleasant to dine in when the weather is nice. If patio seating is a big plus for you then this would be a good choice.

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                  Mike & Anne's! That sounds great...have heard about it, but haven't been yet. I will run it buy the "girls"
                  Thanks everyone for the suggestions...
                  If there are any more don't hesitate to let me know...we've got a month before the dinner!

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                    Stretching to also include South Pas, Mike & Anne's is also a fine suggestion. I think the atmosphere at Bistro de la Gare isn't quite right for your group (too noisy), though the food is good.

                    With a patio, there's Firefly Bistro also in South Pas. I haven't been there in a couple of years. It gets uneven reviews for the food; the space deserves better.

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                      Had a company party at Firefly Bistro and wasn't impressed, but I do remember their patio was nice...too bad they are inconsistent...
                      Thanks for the recommendations!

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                      also in south pas - little parlor pizzeria on mission - the food there is heads above other restaurants in the area

                2. Second the rec for Mike & Anne's.

                  In that same area, I would also suggest you consider Shiro.

                  Other places to consider: Malbec, Cafe Verde, and Cafe Santorini.

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                    I love Malbec!
                    I forgot about Cafe Verde - never been, so thanks for reminding me!
                    Cafe Santorini - been there several times and sometimes the food is good, sometimes it's not...last time there, I was served by someone who forgot we were there! Not too eager to go back there again, even though I do enjoy their patio area...
                    Thanks for the recommendations!

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                      Malbec is quickly working their way on the do not go list in our house. We're walking distance and go about once a month. That was until about 2 weeks ago where we waited over an hour for our reservation and our party of 3 blew a fit because the two tables of 4 with reservations at the same time who showed up before us were seated first. After the 3 minutes we were told to get us a table we walked home and watched the party of 5 who was also livid read them the riot act. Of course what was worse was when we checked in for the reservation we were told about 5 minutes to get a table to pay the check and move one.

                      So Malbec- don't go on weekends or expect them to honor your reservation without being jerks right now because they've gotten inflated egos now.

                      1. re: astrobabe

                        Hi there astrobabe!
                        Sorry to hear about your experience at Malbec. I've been twice and haven't had the problem. The last time I was there was on Valentine's Day and my SO and I usually dine late, so our reservations at 8:30pm were fine and we didn't have to wait. It was crowded and there was some people waiting in line, but we got in without a problem. It was a little crowded, but we expected it due to Valentine's Day...they also gave away heart shaped ramekins filled with chocolate kisses and a long stem red rose to each couple. Kind of sweet....

                    2. I like all of the recommendations thus far. I would also throw in Parkway Grill in Pasadena. www.theparkwaygrill.com Also, if you would consider going about 8 miles to Montrose, 3 Drunken Goats atmosphere is very conducive to a "girl reunion" for Spanish tapas. They have an extensive Spanish wine menu including decent selections by the glass. http://www.3drunkengoats.com/

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                        Thanks for the recommendations!
                        I've never heard of 3 Drunken Goats, might have to try that before the "reunion", the menu looks great and I love Spanish wine!
                        Thanks again!

                      2. The friends and I always enjoy an evening at the Melting Pot for a reunion. It's quiet...hase a great wine list and bar for cocktails...and after eating things dipped in cheese, we eat things dipped in chocolate. It's not the best place for entrees, but I do like the salads and the cheese fondue. The chocolate is awesome...and it's all interactive so everyone gets in and has a great time.
                        If you can catch a ladies' night...the last Tueday of every month, dinner (salad, cheese, entree, and chocolate) is prix frixe for about $10-15 less than regular price. There's a raffle, some fun activities, and gifts for all the ladies from local businesses. It's on the website if you want to check it out.

                        Melting Pot Restaurant
                        88 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

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                        1. re: attran99

                          Thanks attran99 for the recommendation to the Melting Pot, the last time I was there it was a few years ago...
                          Hate to say this, but I have 1 girlfriend who is can't have any milk products....
                          I'll have to go back there without her...
                          thanks again!

                        2. What about Raymond House? It's cute, the food is good, and the patio is really lovely.

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                          1. re: schrutefarms

                            Fogot about that!
                            I'm going to look it up and see what their menu is like!
                            Thanks for reminding me schrutefarms!