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Mar 5, 2009 10:58 AM

Nicholas Alziari Olive Oil

where can I buy Nicholas Alziari Olive Oil in Montreal?

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  1. Last summer in Nice we had the chance to have a guided tour of Alziari with one of the 2 brothers that owns it. What a chance ! One of my questions was where can I buy it in Canada and the awnser was very sad for me and you. They do not export in Canada. So or you have a friend that will bring you the precious oil or as me you will go next summer to make a little provision ...

    1. French Olive Oils are not well represented in Montreal ( or not to the same extent as Italian,Spanish and Portugese ) I used to spend 3 weeks a year on the Cote D'azur on business and each year used to bring back 5L of Oil from a small producer near Eze.I became very acustomed to the unique taste of French Oils. Last week I was at the Olive Oil Store in JTM and tried a French Oil from Lanquedoc producers Pierre & Rock Vialla.It had that taste I had been missing for the last couple of years.Its not Alziari but real good for what you can buy in Montreal from the south of France.

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        Still looking.....I think they would welcome a distributor here. I just can't find anything that compares to its fruitiness and lightness.