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Mar 5, 2009 10:51 AM

Brief liquor selection notes

After a thread where I asked about places to track down various things, I've been visiting a bunch of liquor stores. I'm a little obsessed right now, actually. Here's my notes so far:

Wine House: good, strong selection. Not the cheapest or deepest, but strong. One of the places to find Charbay Vodka, a current favorite in the New World of Wonderous American Vodka.

Wine and Liquor Depot the Valley. *Superb* bourbon and scotch selection. Most rarities, most insanely high end place, best prices. Deeper than is believable. Vodka selection and rum selection: less so.

Silverlake Wine. Small, but carefully selected range. Some nice, lesser-seen things - Michter's, Black Maple Hill, others.

Beverage Warehouse. Very, very good. The best rum and the best vodka selection I've seen. insane vodka selection - lots of hard to find or I've-never-seen-it-before Eastern European vodkas. The only place where I found some agricole rhums, and the only place that stocks a good selection of the really, shockingly exceptional Van Gogh vodka range.

Bourbon has been the center of my soul, but there are new developments in vodka-as-deeply-flavorful-thing (I don't mean flavored vodkas), that are really exciting right now.


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  1. For booze, I like the selection at Bevo Mo... they carry some really intersting stuff sometimes... For more independent shops... I love the guys at Morry's of Naples and the guys at K&L WInes in Hollywood.


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      Yeah - I'm surprised by how good Bev Mo is, esp. for a big box chain - they have some oddball Oregon brandies, and they're the only source in town for Shaker's Rye Vodka, which is *awesome*.

      I noticed that some of my favorite New American Vodkas are coming out of wine country or bourbon county - says something, I think.

      1. re: Thi N.

        Yeah... that Vodka is easy to make.... ;DDD

        I KeeeD!... It's the surly Scotch lover in me...


        1. re: Dommy

          I'll throw down the gauntlet and challenge you to a tasting.

          1. re: Thi N.

            Aww! Thanks, but no need to... I really do love Vodka (Gin, it's GIN I can't stand... BLEH :PPPPPP) it's just sometimes hard for me justify spending $80 or more for it... while the guys at Morry's probably still remember me by name for the Scotch tab I would run up in there... LOL!

    2. Totally agree; Beverage Warehouse is tops although if you drive down to the OC, check out Hi-Times Cellars.

      1. Best prices on wines i've found in LA are at

        Wine House as mentioned.

        K and L wines in hollywood

        LA Wine Store which operates out of a storage facility in Marina Del Ray

        Wine Exchange in Orange

        The Wine Club in Santa Ana

        For older wines I like

        Twenty Twenty Wines

        Silver lake wines is great too.

        Also 55 Degree wine is an excellent little wine store specializing in italian wines

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        1. re: Ben7643

          Thanks!! :) But this post is about Booze... Hooch... The Hard stuff... If have any lists on those, we'd love to see it... :D


        2. Great list. I think I weighed in on your first post, but don't miss K&L in Hollywood (small but very good selection, often the only place in town that has a rare whiskey) and Hi-Time Wine in Costa Mesa (best selection of American whiskey, including bourbon, around).

          Do I feel and LA Times article coming along?

          1. I am a good customer at Beverage Warehouse, but I have to say that Vendome Liquor in Beverly Hills (Olympic at Beverly) has a great selection of liquors. Check it out.