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Mar 5, 2009 10:41 AM

Savvy Tea Gourmet (Madison, CT): Been there?

Back in September, few posted about this new tea place.

I heard about it again today, but have no details other than that it exists. Would love to hear if anyone has gone and what they think of it.

Here's a link to their menu:

I'm a big fan of Harney Teas (both the teas and the tasting room) and used to love the White Lilac Tea Room in Stratford. Would be great if we could have a tea room of that quality/caliber closer to home.

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  1. I too read an article in the NH Register and heard about their grand opening, but heard of nothing since. Maybe that's a good thing as a diamond in the rough is nice. The article said that they were doing a little bit of everything, cheese, prepared foods, etc. Kind of sounds like they are trying to cover all the basis. My opinion is that if your focus is gourmet tea, then sell and focus on the tea. Every other "add on" requires attention. $30 a pound cheese does not sell itself. Too many of these "gourmet" retailers try to hit on everything and do not dedicate the attention that each specialty food section deserves.

    1. I went a few weeks back with a friend of mine that lives right up the road from there! What a great selection of teas they have and different urns of water at different temps for various teas. Some teas do not require boiling water from what I understand. We were almost the only men in the place and once the owner found out I was a tea drinker(mostly english breakfast) he was all over us...LOL. I spent $30 just on tea to take home! We both had paninis and they were good. Very asiain influenced decor inside and very relaxing. I would like to check out the tea tastings and then the cream teas with the scones and such! Very nice place and I can't wait to go back.

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        Well that's good to know that there is life out there. Good to see someone doing business these days.

      2. After a trip to London with my 22 yr old daughter last fall, we were looking for a quality high tea - and found it at this place! Not only did we get the typical tiered tray with savories and sweets, but the owner's wife kept coming out with hot-from-the oven extras: miniature quiches, blueberry scones, additional desserts! The fresh lemon curd was to die for, all the food was wonderful - including their accommodation of our fish/seafood only needs(they actually apologized for the non-traditional sushi roll they made us - it was delicious and we appreciated the creativity of this expanded selection). But wait, there's more! In the traditional English teas we had in London (ranging from high class department stores with blue-haired ladies to trendy and ultra-chic Notting Hill), we were allowed to select one type of tea for the pot. Savvy Tea treats this experience like a chef's tasting menu with wine...we had a different kind of tea with each course - I think 6 in all, ranging from light to dark. And a fascinating tea lesson on each one from the owner. Believe me, I'm gonna go again, as it's well worth the mini-trek from New Haven.

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          may I ask if that was a set "high" tea or did you order from the menu?

        2. Finally were able to stop by and am glad we did. Besides their counter offerings of teas, smoothies, breads, cheeses, soups, salads, sandwiches, panini, quice and pot pies, they have an assortment of tempting pastries. I didn't sample the cheeses, out of loyalty to my regular haunt, Fromage, but the things we did try were delicious. No use going into details since their menu changes daily. But the most impressive sight was the racks of dozens of tinned and bagged teas. I can't believe they all taste different, but I'm willing to be proven wrong. We came home with a nice Marsala Chai and a Pu'er (which I never had before, but am sipping at the moment--not bad) but I'll be going back to try some others.

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            I guarantee you they all taste different. ;) Thanks for the update. When you start appreciating the differences in the teas, you may find yourself wanting to try The Herbery (Old Saybrook) and Sundial Gardens in Higganum...or a nice road trip to Harney Teas in Millerton, NY. Tea-time cheers!

          2. Savvy was advertising a Valentine's Day Brunch, so it seemed like a good time to make points with the DW. We shared the Crepes with berries and ricotta and the Fritatta with Peppers and Goat Cheese. Both were good. We came well before the people started piling in at noon, and were served OJ and big mugs of tea promptly, but it took over half an hour for the meals to arrive. Used the interval to select a few teas (from a choice of hundreds!) and cheeses (about 16 were displayed) to take home. A few yummy cookies and cakes were hard to resist.