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Mar 5, 2009 09:57 AM

Edmonton value dining

I'm looking for a restaurant in Edmonton where they can accomodate 6-8 people on a Wed evening. Bang for the bucks is important, as well as good food.

I have a couple of restaurants in mind:

Bistro Praha
Bangkok Express
Sweet Mango

Any other suggestion?

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  1. Blue Plate Diner ( on Jasper and 104th Street does a good job with groups as well as bang for the buck with food (large portions of comfort food; about $15/main)... although, having been there a few times with larger groups, the bare brick interior can be a bit of a problem with acoustics.

    Langano Skies ( on 99th and Whyte is also a fun group experience... it's family style Ethiopian and the prices and portions really allow you to stretch your dollar and try lots of different things. The only draw back is you have to be patient with service and willing to wait a bit for your food... it's really family run, generally with one server and one person in the kitchen.

    For good Thai, try Syphay on 60th Ave and 104th Street. It's small and cozy, the food is amazing, and prices are fair... it's a little dingy on the outside, but the food and interior won't let you down.

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      I personally was not impressed with Sweet Mango, if you have not been there before, you may want to consider a different Vietnamese place. There are numerous threads about that on here.

      Bankok Express is great value but no atmosphere at all (if that is important), it is predominately a take away place with a very small menu (I think around 5 items)

      I love Bistro Praha, but I would not put it in the same price range as the other places you chose.

      I like the Thai food suggestion above.

      Famoso would be a nice option as well (downtown/traditional italian pizza)
      Tesoro cafe is in Oliver Square it is an italian cafe with great pizza and pasta, very casual, call ahead I am sure they would push a couple tables together for you.
      Sofra has amazing reviews here (Turkish). I am not sure of the pricing, someone else might be able to comment. But I suspect they would be comparable to Bistro Praha.

    2. I have been to Blue Plate Diner for brunch, and my pancake was undercooked. I'm not sure if I caught them during a bad day or what, but I'd give that restaurant a pass.

      Thanks for the recommendation for Syphay however! I love tiny Thai restaurant and will like to check it out.

      Famoso sounds very good as well, besides it's in a centralized location and that makes it great for a group gathering!

      I'll ask the group whether they prefer Thai or Pizza. :)

      1. Century Palace downtown on 97st is a great place for large groups. Relatively authentic Chinese cuisine and if you share all the dishes, it will probably cost $10-15 per person.

        1. for value, I'm not sure you can beat Matahari on Jasper and 124st. Entrees $10. If you like south east asian that is. Not usually that busy during the week.

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            Thanks for the recommendation! We went to Matahari for dinner and they gave us a private dining room. The plating was beautiful (strawberries with curry? It's a new combination, but it works!), and food was plentiful and very tasty.

            Green curry chicken was a bit too spicy for me even though I asked for mild favour, but everything was top notch.

            1. re: Anomay

              Glad you liked it - it is definitely one of our "go-to" places in town! You have to try the Babi Kechap - it is So good!