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Mar 5, 2009 09:54 AM

scones from jack's coffee shop

i recently moved from the wonderful city that is new york, to the not so wonderful city that is los angeles and i am in seriously in withdrawl from jack's coffee and most of all their SCONES! does anyone know where they are from or where i might be able to find a similar recipe? they are vegan (and organic, though i gather it probably wouldnt effect the tast much if it wasnt) and they are in flavors like cherry almond and apple walnut with raw sugar on top. (if you havent had them, you should, they're awesome!)

anyone have any ideas???

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  1. I know that they make the chocolate chip cookies in house, it might be the same for the scones. Why don't you call and ask? :)

    1. i know they get their muffins from park slope's blue sky bakery...perhaps they get their scones from them too.

      1. For recipes, please post on our Home Cooking Board.

        1. The original comment has been removed