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Mar 5, 2009 09:38 AM

requests for assistance with next week's food

I am attending a conference and staying at the Marriot Copley next week. I am trying to make plans for three nights and could use some help. I am from Boston originally but have lived in the midwest for 7 years. I would greatly appreciate any help you all have to offer with these specific requests.

One night, I am taking a group of friends out for seafood. Would like to find something that is fairly easily accessible from Copley Square. (a trip by T is fine) I'm looking in the range of 50-75$ a person for food with fresh seafood. Something more traditional than innovative would work better with this group.

Another night I am taking a friend out for a good steak dinner (for him) with other options for me. Price should be about 50$ a person for food. Close to where we are staying would be great for that one.

Finally, for me, a trip to the best sushi place in the city where I can eat for around $75. That one can be anywhere accessible by T.

Thanks again for your thoughts! :)

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  1. Traditional seafood within walking distance: Atlantic Fish Co.

    Steak dinner: It's hard, if not impossible, to go to the better steakhouses for $50/person. That said, you can get a fine steak frites at Brasserie Jo, a block away from the Marriott. Most of the steaks are French-style bar steaks, but they also offer a more substantial American-style steak. And lots of good choices for the non-steak eaters.

    Sushi: Douzo and Haru are both good options within walking distance.

    1. Dude There is a Legal Seafood in Copley Place for fish, and a Mortons Steak House within walking distance as well.Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in Boston on 100 Arlington St is a walk too. Dont know about the prices. Check them out online. These places are close by and clean and have a good rep. There are plenty more. Also Suish joints on Newbury St close by, ask the doorman. Good Luck

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        Dude, Legal's certainly is another option for traditional seafood, as is Turner Fisheries in the Westin, but people seem to have better luck with Atlantic Seafood. No way to get out of Morton's or S&W at anything close to $50/person. Also, I don't recommend asking the doorman for any recs; you'll get far better (and more impartial) recs on this board than from any hotel concierge or doorman.

        1. re: Blumie

          Thanks for your input so far!
          I am talking $50 a person just for the main plate. Is that really out of reach.
          I'd like to stick to non-chain restaurants if possible.

          1. re: knielson2

            If you're just talking main plate, then you'll do fine at any of Boston's top steakhouses. I would reccomend boston originals Grill 23 and Abe and Louies over Mortons and S&W. Grill 23 also does a good job with seafood but you're unlikely too find too much other than steak at these restaurants. For more inventive twists, you can try Mooo and KO Prime, they're a short taxi ride away from where you'll be staying and they're about as inventive as steakhouses get around here. As far as pricing goes, you can get a filet for around $36 and a rib eye or NY strip will run around $42. But you won't be eating much else if you stick with the $50PP.

            1. re: knielson2

              $100 pp is more likely in a steakhouse, for 3 courses, without wine. the only local non-chain is grill 23, but it's easy walking distance to your hotel. i also like brasserie jo and that would give you some fun non-steak options. eastern standard, a big fave on this board, would also work for you for that night, and much closer to your price range.

              legal's is very hit or miss for proper cooking and service, although the fish will be fresh. turner would be way down my list; atlantic fish is ok.

              douzo is serviceable, but not as good as when it fist opened. easily reached by the t are both the brookline ginza and fugakyu.

              lastly, i have worked in hotels. listening to tourists ask doormen for recommendations, i cringed every time. few of them can afford to eat out and most commonly recommend big chains. the concierges at a mid-price hotel like the marriott aren't much better. they pump the places who feed them for free -- one hand washing the other kinda thing.

              trust da chow board.

              1. re: knielson2

                While i know you prefer non-chain, you may still be tempted by the $109 for 2 deal offered at Morton's (good through end of March).

                Choice of Two:
                Caesar or Morton's Salad

                Two Single Cut Filets

                Choice of Two:
                Broiled Sea Scallops, Colossal Shrimp Alexander
                or Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

                One Signature Potato & One Fresh Vegetable to Share

                Choice of Two:
                Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake or Key Lime Pie


              2. re: Blumie

                When I said ask the doorman I meant ask for directions to Newbury street so that you can walk. You have to factor cab fare to the cost of the meal as opposed to being in walking distance. Walk to China town and explore for the sushi or take a cab there.