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Mar 5, 2009 09:07 AM

MSP CSA South of the River Delivery

I am interested in signing up for a CSA this year. Do you know of any that delivers south of the river? There is one that delivers to Valley Natural Foods. Are there others?


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  1. Here's are some resources.

    1. Enter your zip code and to find local listings.

    2. Scroll down to just before the writeups on each farm, and click the link for a map that shows drop sites:

    1. We are with Harmony Valley Farm--fruit, vegetables and coffee shares--and our pickup location is in Rosemount. This will be our third year.

      1. I just finished doing my research on CSA's unfortunately the localharvest website kind of sucks in that you cant search by drop off point, were specifically south of the river? Victorian Meadows has a drop off in linden hills park, there a bunch of farms that drop off at Seward coop, Loon organics (my CSA) drops off at Mill city market but they are sold out of those shares this year.

        1. I remember the name of the CSA that delivers to Valley Natural Foods: Featherstone Farm. Its website is: It looks cheaper than Harmony Valley, although I don't know much about either one. These are the only two I've found that deliver South of the River.

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            I am interested in joining a CSA for the first time. Anything I should consider or any specific farms that you could recommend?