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Mar 5, 2009 08:21 AM

The General Greene

Has anyone ever been to the General Greene? Is it worth it and if so any recommendations? Also, will it be crowded and difficult to get a table there on a Thursday night? Thanks for the help.

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  1. I'm pretty sure they take reservations at least for certain sized groups.

    I love the place. I've been three times, once for breakfast, once for brunch, and once for dinner. The dinner was with eight people and we tried practically everything on the menu with nary a clunker in the group except for one of the salads, which was a bit dull. Desserts are a strong point as well, with incredible house made ice creams, especially the Counter Culture coffee ice cream.

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      The General Greene
      229 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

      1. Food was good. Service was the worst I have experienced in a while. Not sure if it was just an inept waiter or what but I don't like being lied to, don't like dishes being forgotten, and especially don't like being asked if they can give us the check, while there was still food on the table, because there is a big group of people waiting. That is totally rude and unacceptable. What really kills me about this is when we did put down our payment it sat there for almost 10 minutes till someone picked it up.

        Sooo for me the food was not good enough to overcome this distaste.

        We went on a saturday night at 7. We were seated after a couple of minute wait.

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          When The General Greene first opened, my boyfriend and I loved the food and the special attention paid to us by the bartender and waitstaff. However, shortly after praise from the food critics started pouring in, the vibe and food began to take a very quick turn for the worse.
          While I still believe their newer breakfast/lunch has a cute hang-out vibe, I wouldn't recommend dinner to anyone. The bartender, who used to know us by name, now doesn't have the time of day for us. And the other morning when I went in thru the side door, after tying my dog to the post, for a cup of coffee, I was scolded by the waitress - she told me I shouldn't use that door unless I had a stroller. And nobody was even in the restaurant. I suggest The General Greene pulls the stick out of it's ass before all its regulars slowly disappear.

          1. re: ShanDeez

            Maybe their attitude sucks, but I haven't noticed anything bad about the food. What did you have that was worse?

            1. re: Peter Cuce

              Their bacon remains outstanding. And their desserts are yummy. But their winter menu has nothing on their prior summer menu. I miss their heirloom tomato salad - which, of course, is out of season. But that simple dish beats out their dried out mac n' cheese, their lackluster ratatouille, and their boring meatballs. Oh! And I forgot to complain about their mixed drink prices. We used to enjoy going to the bar and ordering the General Gin Cup for $9/drink. But since the price jumped one day to $12, we kissed that good-bye too.

              I recommend their breakfast sandwiches, though. Cheap and delicious!

        2. When we went there on an early Thursday night (6:30) the place was almost empty and the were not even seating anyone in the rear area. You should have no problems. We were somewhat disappointed with the food, but perhaps we are not small plates people. The food seemed a little precious to us.

          1. Thought I would update this thread since we have had a couple of visits in the last few months, most recently last night. In brief the meat dishes - including the pork rib and the sliced steak - we've sampled have been delicious, ample portion size for sharing. mac and cheese was very good both tries, soups good and ample (both the rich squash soup and indian-spiced lentil last night were excellent), quinoa salad and vegetables generally are very good, making it a fine place to take vegetarian. their variation on potatoes brava with yogurt spiked with shichimi togarashi and sriracha sauce worked well. The pasta with lamb ragu last night was very fine, with rich, lamby flavor. Desserts are not their strength - the cheesecake last night was uninspiring, mixed drinks were enjoyed by all, winelist still has some reasonably priced bottles and beer is available by 12 oz and the pint (diff brews).

            The service format and style bothers me a little - I feel REALLY rushed by the rate at which the plates appear at the table. for this kind of ticket, it ought to be a bit more relaxed. Also am I the only one who has an issue with servers addressing customers as "guys"? Yeah its widespread, but "you" would do just fine. It also made me laugh a little when my server started calling me "Miss" - when out with my husbannd and adult kids! Ma'am would have worked just fine! So a little front of the house smoothing would help things here.

            All in all we like this place quite a bit, but its a fairly big ticket for a rushed and somewhat flawed dining room experience.

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            1. re: jen kalb

              thought I should modify above by saying that the format and service are sufficiently disturbing to my husband that he actually DOESNT LIKE eating at the General Greene. tho he is philosophical about the younger generation seeming to like a grazing type format. Thinking more about this I think I would try to modify our experience if we go again by ordering in tranches, rather than all at once since the food does not come out in the optimum way for enjoyment under their normal format.