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Mar 5, 2009 07:39 AM

$35 Dinner at Le Bec Fin

We received an email about the $35 dinner at Le Bec Fin so went last night. My spouse was disappointed that they were no longer offering the $55 prix fixe that had been on their web site last week, but we went with the $35 menu -- soup or salad, salmon or chicken, and a choice from the dessert cart.

We both chose the butternut squash soup (delicious) and the salmon, which was poached (I think) and served on top of asparagus with a red wine sauce -- also delicious. When dessert came, we were offered 2 selections from the dessert cart instead of the 1 the waiter had mentioned, so we had 2 each. I chose the succes (dacquoise) the the lemon tart -- my husband selected the pear tart and a chocolate mousse cake. We shared -- all were wonderful.

The only extras were the coffee and my martini ($12). Definitely a bargain.

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  1. The $55 prix fixe is still on the website, I just checked, and no mention of the $35...was it your impression that the $35 is offered everynight of the week or just certain nights? Who emailed you about it, just curious?

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      Le Bec Fin sent me the email. The waiter said the $55 meal was no longer offered, but he would offer us the equivalent by adding steak to the choice of main courses and the daily special (a kind of scallop almost-sushi) to the appetizers. We didn't want the steak so didn't think it was worth while just for the app.