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Mar 5, 2009 07:20 AM

Drinks...apps...but cool

Hi everyone - was wondering if any of you could provide some recommendations for some cool places to grab some drinks.

I seem to remember the Metropolitan Hotel for some reason.

I remember going to Chicago Blues Diner in my Uni days, finagling two covers for the price of 1 at the door, then spending the rest upstairs listening to some pretty good blues and loving that it felt that I was in my bedroom with my favourite gang of opening onto Queen.

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  1. How about the Rex? Jazz, not blues.

    1. Roof Top Bar at the Hyatt at Bloor and Avenue....romantic cozy spot with a fireplace...Miranda

      1. Second the Rex, although I've never eaten there. It is a very cool place for great jazz.

        There's also Victory Cafe for good jazz (depending on who's playing) but it tends to a younger-ish crowd of twenty to early thirty somes for the most part.

        The Roof Top Bar at the Hyatt is definately romantic and cool but if you're looking for live music, you won't find it there and it caters to the more "established" crowd in TO.


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        1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

          Roof top bar is PIMP

          Rex while awesome and an institution, is a little too loud for intimacy

          I like going to the reservoir lounge but its way too loud for any sort of talking

        2. Love the Rex (and go there often), but be warned that it's a bit dive-y (in the best possible way) and the food is very middle-of-the-road roadhouse (wings, nachos, etc.). Also, there is live music so it's apt not to be quiet.

          Other suggestions...
          - The Paddock has good mixology, dark and cozy vibe, not too much of a scene (warning: sometimes that means a little dead-ish depending on what time you hit it)
          - Sopra is a jazz bar at Avenue and Davenport... great food from the people who bring you Mistura
          - Reposado is a fun tequila bar on Ossington... but I'm not sure if they have snacks
          - I like the bar space at Crush (on your dreaded King West) - excellent wine list and nice food
          - Nyood would be good for drinks and snacks... fun neighbourhood, small plate menu, nicely executed cocktails

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          1. re: Rabbit

            While I love the space and tequila at Reposado the snacks are a little lack-luster to say the least.

            1. re: JennaBean

              hey all thanks for your suggestions. I'd like to try that Rooftop patio. And also, thanks for putting your favourites out there as well...I know we like to keep them tight!

          2. Crush sounds good, I am looking for the same, unfortunately, company will be a male companion from England. What else in the area of King West?