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Mar 5, 2009 07:17 AM

Anyone every STAYED at Crabtree's Kittle House

Hi, I am wondering anyone has stayed in the rooms at the Inn at Crabtree's Kittle House--or seen the rooms. Is it as shabby and pathetic as most of you seem to think the restaurant is?

I wanted to surprise my hubby with an overnight celebration nearby--I am in Briarcliff Manor. We could stay there and eat at the Iron Horse or something.

Or please recommend any other places like this--a local inn with good food or good food nearby.

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  1. Friends stayed there on business a couple of years ago. The rooms did seem a bit shabby. There is the Elms in Ridgefield - supposed to be a very good restaurant and cute rooms.

    1. what about monteverde? I haven't been; it's gotten both good and bad write-ups here. FWIW my cousin (who's from Cincinatti and is a world traveler with her husband) went there a year or two ago and liked the food there. I think the inn is very lux-- with spa treatments and so on.

      1. If you are looking for an Inn and great restaurant.... try Coldspring. Not a far ride from Briarcliff and the have some great Inns. If you go....The Riverview and Les Bouchon are both very good restaurants, but make sure you go to the Foundry Cafe for breakfast the next morning. They make the best Belgian waffles I've ever has!

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          Try the Bird and Bottle or the Plumbush Inn in Garrison. Both seem to have some good food these days, and would be more attractive surprise than Kittle House.

          Or maybe the Castle in Tarrytown?

          Or the Alexander Hamilton B&B in Croton (not fancy, but comfy). You could go to Ocean House for dinner.

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            the pig hill inn right in the center of town on main street is nice...and back in the day there was a little inn right behind it ...on 3 rock street (i cant remember the name) that sits on a bluff and looks down the good french...and cathryns...very good italian...both on main street

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              Thanks everyone! Love the idea of Cold Spring but will look into all of them. His bday is not til 4/23 so I have a little time.

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                  cool was it 1967, too?
                  BTW The Castle at Tarrytown and the Plumbush Inn seem the nicest of all the inns suggested.
                  I do have to say that Crabtree is priced accordingly for what it is with room rates around $125, Plumbush is closer to 225 and the Castle is at least 350 or more

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I've seen the rooms at Kittle House recently and I thought not only did they look a little shabby, they just didn't seem to have much of a decor at all. This place has so much potential, it looks like no effort has been put into it. As I remember the Bird and Bottle had some nice rooms, they ever had a seperate small house where you could stay that was very nice. Also the King Mansion House at the Tarrytown House..... has some really beautiful rooms, but I wouldn't eat there, you could go down the street to one of the great restaurants in Irvington......One/Red Hat/il Sorresio or you could even go to Blue Hill at Stone Farms in Pocantico Hills etc.