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Mar 5, 2009 06:42 AM

I'm here, lets do it! (cape chowhound meetup)

lets pick someplace reasonably priced, kinda centrally located and do a meetup! i am fascinating, and i assume most of you are too (if not we can call it an early night ;) )

where should we go? does some day next week (March 9-13) work?

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  1. hey all. is there still interest in this?

    1. Not sure how many chowhounds are on the Cape during the winter....we will be moving to Cape Cod this summer from NY. I would definitly be interested in a meet up.

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      1. re: pobo

        After Easter is good for me...I betcha Jillian will join us..twitter me, phelana

        1. re: phelana

          yes, indeed, I will, although I'm looking at late April - early May. I know there are others out there so let's try to get something together. Sorry for the delay in responding, HZP!

          1. re: jillian

            np- been getting out and about on my own, reporting back on yelp lately.

            if anyone is interested, just get ahold of me!