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Mar 5, 2009 06:09 AM

Private Dinner for 10-20 ppl

Hey Chow-mates,

Please help me with some suggestions of places that can provide a private area/room for 10-20 people.

We are looking to spend around $20-$30 (entree) per person.
As most of us live uptown Toronto, a place North of hwy 401 would be ideal.
Also trying to stay away from the 'chain' restaurants: ie: keg, moxies, etc.

Any suggestions are welcome!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. If your group is up for Japanese, Katsura in the Prince Hotel at Don Mills and York Mills (not quite above 401) has private rooms that might suit you.

    Not sure on the price point though.

    900 York Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3B3H2, CA

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    1. re: JamieK

      Thanks JamieK, seems like the group isn't geared towards Japanese at the moment. But this place seems like it is worth while to visit; do you have any recommendation on what is good there? Their waygu? Omakase / Kaiseki?

      1. re: spoonandsoup

        Haven't eaten there in years, perhaps someone else can help.

    2. Drive a little bit farther north to Richmond Hill (really, just a few minutes north on the 404 from 401), and visit Ambassador Restaurant on Hwy 7 west of the 404, one block past Leslie on the north side. They have a very nice private room just your size, and offer a menu heavily accented toward seafood, but with excellent Peking Duck as well. If you can go a day early, a talk with the maitre d' will help you choose a menu near your price point. Avoid the expensive and, er, subtly flavoured items like shark's fin, abalone, and dried scallops. An appetizer platter (various cold cuts, including shredded jellyfish - hope you have some adventurers!), 2-course Peking Duck, soup (corn/crab or hot & sour are their best, IMHO), fresh fish, crispy chicken, and perhaps one of the more "Western" dishes, like Beef in XO Sauce or Pork with chili and spicy salt, finishing with one of their e-fu noodle dishes, should leave everyone satisfied. Lobster would add to the cost, of course; shrimp dishes are surprisingly inexpensive.

      Using prices from their menu and my memory (quantities for 20 people):

      3 appetizer platters @13 = $40
      3 Peking Duck @29 = $90
      Soup @4.50 pp = $90
      2 fish @25 = 50
      2 whole crispy chicken @29 = $58
      2 Beef w XO @ 15 = $30
      2 pork w chili/spicy salt @12 = $24
      3 e-fu noodle w crab meat @13 = 39

      That totals $421 before tax, tip, and drinks. Two of their more expensive shrimp dishes would add another $40. And I'm sure you could probably get a better price on the appetizer and soup if you pressed just a little bit; all restaurants are looking for business.

      All of this in an atmosphere of white linens, gloved and attentive service, and an elegant room. I'm sure your guests would be very happy.

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      1. re: KevinB

        Thanks KevinB,
        All those dishes seem to be pretty good and at a decent price and also a private room!
        We will keep this option in mind!