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Mar 5, 2009 05:44 AM

Pen & Dutch-Friut/Veg-Hollywood

Hi all,
Visiting Fla again from this worth the drive from Miami?....thoughts?

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  1. Not really worth the drive, but if you're in the area they have good deals on meat, seafood and produce. It's a bit of a haul from Miami and it's not exactly the most pleasant shopping experience. Did you get it recommended to you because there's always tons of cars with Quebec license plates in the lot!

    1. Agree with lax2mia.
      the place is kind of frightening at first sight, then you settle in and realize they have pretty good quality stuff for far more reasonable prices than normal.

      1. If you in mia and looking for produce U recomend Knaus Berry farm in the redlands area make sure you go hungy for the baked goods and the smooties

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          I find that you have to be selective with the produce. You can't grab and go you have to really go thru it and be picky. I like Fresh Market in Coconut Grove on South Bayshore Drive as whatever you grab is usually in pretty good shape. But if you are here for a few weeks or months, it is worth going to stock up on some protein from Penn Dutch and even Costco is not bad for their meats and fishes, chop it up freeze it and you have your meals for a few weeks.

        2. I love Penn Dutch - but I am willing to dig through the veggies to find what I want and the meats are excellent. I end up saving about 50% on my grocery bill by going to Penn Dutch for meats and veggies vs. Winn Dixie.

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            do you think you save anything at "farmer's markets"? or are they working that organic thing and charging you more just because they say organic?

            Makes me wonder about the whole organic claim a veggie stand may make at a farmer's market and it gives them a way to charge more. There should be some regulation of it, but lord knows I have no idea how that could be done.