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Mar 5, 2009 05:39 AM

Cheap Italian or Asian Under $25 pp with tip

I will be at a meeting at Union Square / Tenderloin next week and have to organize a dinner for about 8 people for under $25. I know perfect places in the Sunset but none of my old haunts in this area still exist. Does anyone know of places in Union Square, Tenderloin, Chinatown (probably not) or North Beach?

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  1. Z&Y Garden in Chinatown is cheap and they can handle a group that size no problem.


    Not L'Osteria for a group that size.

    1. Hi L. Perelman!

      For cheap Italian familiy style in North Beach: 1) Sodini's Green Valley at 510 Green Street (just off Columbus). Remember, I said cheap, I didn't say "good." Usually, their food is alright, not stellar, but alright. Try Googling "Sodini Green Valley Menu" and you will see the price range on their menu items. 2) Scuie, Scuie at 124 Columbus features some of the best Neopolitan food you'll eat in the Bay Area and its sister restaurant on the other side of the street (Caffe Macaroni) has similar prices and the same food in your price range.

      Cheap eats, Asian: (does that include Indian?) For cheap and good (try filling) either Chutney's or Shalimar on Jones St., between Geary and O'Farrell. Neighborhoods are okay. I recommend Chutney's for large parties, good sized portions, excellent food. And if you're still in the mood, try Amber on Yerba Buena Lane (between Market and Mission) just before you get to Fourth Street. Their food is in a category by itself, if you go for the Sunday brunch, ($19.95) that's your best bet. You will be transported, it is nirvana on a plate. Speaking of nirvana on a plate and cheap prices, I just discovered Metro Kathmandu at 311 Divisidero, San Francisco. Wonderful food and Ch-e-a-p prices! You'll wonder how they can price it so low! This is a real find! For cheap, but not necessarily good, Chinese, try the Magic Wok on 9th Street (corner of Mission);

      Happy eating! iw

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        With tax and tip, Amber's out of the stated price range. Prices there are about twice what most other Indian restaurants charge.

      2. Don't forget Capp's Corner for family-style Italian. It's very convivial! Friendly servers. Full bar, humble wine list, and check out the menu online--hits your price point! It's the real North Beach.

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          Good call. That's one of the two remaining old-school North Beach family-style restaurants (the other being the aforementioned Green Valley).