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Mar 5, 2009 05:36 AM

Lunch near Philly Federal courthouse

Got 3 days of jury service next week at the courthouse (6th and Market I believe). Any suggestions for close, convenient lunch options?

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  1. Morimoto, Amada are both great and a short walk/ride

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      Morimoto is quite good... have not been to Amada, but greatly enjoyed Tinto last year -- aren't they in the same family?

      What I'm looking for is more a bit more humble and do-able in an hour (bigley9 below has the right idea)... Since I get down into CC maybe twice a year, I don't know the choices at all well.

    2. Between 4th and 2nd on Market are any number of good places. Fork (or Fork etc) while it has struggles a bit has just hired a new chef and "etc" has always been reliable. Campos and Sonny's for steaks 9search this board, they get lots of shout outs, a sushi place whose name is refusing to come back to me, and a bunch of OK places in between. Morimoto and Amada are both great, but make sure you have a long lunch and some cash. Jones is at 7th and Chestnut and would be another good option and not as expensive as the other 2.

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        El Fuego at 7th and Walnut has great burritos and is casual but good. I also think Reading Terminal Market at 12th and Arch has some type of lunch discount for jurors.

      2. Keept this thread going please! I also have jury duty next week, but mine is Philly, rather than Federal, so I guess we won't have lunch together, Buck.

        Oooh, I know: where can I get oysters close to 6th & Market?

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          Philadelphia Fish and Co. at 3rd and Chestnut...

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            I thought they closed and were rebranding?

            1. re: Boognish

              Are they? I have not trekked by there in a while...

          2. re: Bashful3

            Phila jury duty is at 13th Street - you've got the terminal there!

              1. re: Bigley9

                The beauty of Philly Jury duty is Reading Terminal. You get 10% off with your yellow jury badge/sticker so be sure to show it (I was stuck on an 8-day trial last year). The terminal has (imho) two of the best sandwiches in the city. DiNic's pulled pork w sharp provi and Roasted peppers and Hershel's Cornbeef sandwich. I took a few friends down there this last weekend through the chaos of the flower show and had them split 1/2 of each. To say those sandwiches are anything less than amazing is selling them short.

              2. re: Bashful3

                For City Jurors, or a little bit of a walk for Federal folks, I recommend Dim Sum Garden, on 11th between Filbert and Arch. It's on the part of the street that is under the convention center/hilton, next to the Chinatown Bus offices, brightly lit with neon. Seems like an odd place, but the Shanghai Steamed Buns (aka soup dumplings) are heavenly.

                1. re: urbanfabric

                  Ooh, that's for me! I loved those soup dumplings, and will look for it. My appetite is a little off ever since I had the whooping cough, and those sandwhiches just don't appeal right now.

                  Can anyone think of oysters though, close to there?

                  1. re: Bashful3

                    You can potentially find oysters at McCormick & Schmick's on Broad just south of City Hall and at Solefood at the Loew's Hotel (12th and Market).

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                      Walked by Philadelphia fish company last night. $1 oysters/long necks during happy hour 5-7pm. Not sure about lunch.

                2. If you are looking for a good, cheap lunch check out Pagano's Pizza in the Mellon Center building, downstairs on basement level on the way to the El. The Chinese lunch cart right on 6th, outside the courthouse is great. Fantastic sandwiches at Old Nelson (7th and Market)- but takeout only.

                  I've had decent curry at Aqua - on Chestnut just above 7th. A little further away is Rangoon (9th, between Arch and Race) also wonderful. Jose Garces' new place, Chifa, just opened next door to Aqua at 707 Chestnut. Enjoy!

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                    There was also a really good kabob cart on 6th between Market and Chestnut across from the mall - not sure if it is still there (was a year ago)