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Sweetbreads in Western MA

I'm jonesing for some sweetbreads. For home preparation, not in a restaurant. Am looking for a source from humanely raised, preferably pasture fed critters. The only places I have--and rarely at that--found sweetbreads (frozen) were Guido's in Lenox and, once in a blue moon, Whole Foods in Hadley. Any suggestions?

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  1. There is a company in Albany, NY called Edelweiss Veal Co. phone # (518)489-5074. I'm not sure of any of the sources for their meats but it may be worth a call. I do know that many restaurants in The Shire procure products from them. You might want to try talking to one of the chefs at your favorite restaurants. The Mill On The Floss in New Ashford has outstanding sweetbreads, maybe finding out their source would be helpful. Good Luck, let us know what you find out.

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      Thanks! I'm about to call Edelweiss. Will post results.

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        Well, just spoke with Edelweiss. Very helpful and accommodating. Although they do not sell retail, he was willing, with advanced notice, to leave the order for me at a Pittsfield restaurant. Will be planning on this in the near future...but am still open to other ideas.

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          I just remembered that there is a guy by the name of Sean Stanton, I believe, that raises various forms of livestock in an organic manner. He is somewhere in south county, I'm thinking Housatonic or Great Barrington. You might want to ask at the Berkshire Co-op Market how to get in touch with him.

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            Right--Sean runs North Plain Farm And Blue Hill Farm in Great Barrington, MA. I vaguely know him from his days at BCC. I'd much rather buy from him as his farm is committed to sustainable agriculture. You're a font of knowledgeable help today, thanks again!

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              you must have hit me on a good day, please let us all know what you find out if you talk to Sean. My wife LOVES sweetbreads, me, I don't do offal.

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                Will do. Sent him an email yesterday. Won't make any offal puns either.

    2. Gramercy Bistro in North Adams has sweetbreads on the menu. I have never tried them but I have never been disappointed by a meal there.

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        Thanks, but am looking for ones to cook at home.
        637-- I heard back from Sean Stanton. Apparently the slaughterhouse he uses will not release the head, so no sweetbreads (at least not the thymus variety.) He mentioned the chef he grows for wants them too--I assume that's Blue Hill.
        Does bring up another interesting question to which I don't have an answer:
        when growing up, my mother only purchased pancreas sweetbreads; she rejected the thymus ones. All I've ever seen or found (or sold while working in a gourmet store in Dallas) were thymus. Anyone know why?

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          i found this topic on Chowhound. A little bit of clarification.http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/342797

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            Thanks again; I've been googling sweetbreads in my spare time but that was the first mention of the fact that FDA no longer allows consumption of pancreas. It is too bad; I find that the tastier of the two.