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Mar 5, 2009 03:51 AM

UESer needs UWS Pizza Help

I'm going to a friend's apartment at 86th & CPW on Friday, and she wants to order in pizza for after a Columbia basketball game. Since she knows about my participation on this board, she asked me for help in where to order from. Some places that she mentioned were Patsy's, and a place that I think called Dean's.

So - what are your favourite pizza delivery places on the UWS?


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  1. MM - as an UWSer, the pickings are slim. Patsys is, well, Patsys - same as every other location. Deans is Patsy's cousin who just moved to the neighborhood. The Deans square pie can be hit or miss - usually miss.

    A couple of servicable delivery joints are T&R on 80th/Amsterdam, or New Pizza Town on 78th/Broadway. I also think Rigoletto on 70th/Columbus is ok.

    If you are actually going to be at Columbia, you're better off picking up from Sal and Carmine's on the way back downtown!

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    1. re: harrison

      Thanks for the help - it's a biggish group and not all of us are going to the game ... but I'll pass on the tip!

      1. re: MMRuth

        Meaning you'll "pass" on the tip...or "pass on" the tip...

        1. re: harrison

          That I will forward your thoughts to my friend - which I have done. She's buying a "test' pie from somewhere tonight, and I'll report back! Sorry for my poor phrasing!

            1. re: harrison

              Oh good - I was worried that I'd actually sounded rude! My friend actually ordered from another place (Capolla?) - I'll find out tonight. and post back. I had lunch at Di Fara today, so I'll have to work myself up to eating more pizza.

                1. re: harrison

                  That's what we ended up with. I didn't think the pizzas were that bad - we just got mostly plain ones, which had nice melted rounds of mozzarella, and one white one. I would have liked them to have a bit more charand crispiness to them though.

                  We did doctor them up a bit before reheating them - and added prosciutto and fresh basil to some after reheating, along with some grated parmesan and olive oil, ala Di Fara. One of the Italian guests practically ran into the kitchen for more of that. What did look bad to me was the Sicilian my friend ordered from Caesar's - looked just white and doughy.

      2. re: harrison

        No personal experience in ordering in, but for a slice my grandsons much prefer La Traviata on 68th and Columbus to Rigoletto. Have you tried them?

        1. re: JoanN

          Interesting, I'd give rigoletto the edge - I find La Traviata (now actually identified by prominent signage) a bit too doughy