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Mar 5, 2009 03:39 AM

Ultimate Kitchen

What would you have in your ultimate kitchen, no expense spared?

I'd have a maple finish, with an islan in the centre (with the oven and stove)
I'd have a pizza oven.
Le Creuset casserole and frying pan
Copper saucepan
Non stick teflon pan
Plain white plates and bowls
a cocktail area with some nice but simple glasses.
a window opening onto a window basket with herbs in
a nice butchers block
A magnetic knife rack finished in wood
A big Samsung fridge that makes ice.

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  1. Nice start, but I must be better at spending imaginary money than you are!

    Multiples: Two ovens, two dishwashers. I already have two ovens and two microwaves, so this is a given,
    A second sink. Not small prep sink, but a full size one.
    A marble top for dough and baking. For those rare times I do this.
    An ice maker.
    A larger cooktop
    A built-in deep fryer
    A wok ring over a gas burner
    Two auxilliary induction burners
    Ventilation strong enough to threaten small pets when they walk by.

    I do really like your idea of the cocktail area. I need one of those too.

    1. Cork flooring
      Paperstone cabinetry
      Three island design - 1 cooking, 1 cleaning/prep, and 1 buffet
      Zodiaq counterops
      Built-in Sub Zero All Freezer and All Refrigerator, and under counter wine storage
      Dual 36" BlueStar ovens
      48" BlueStar cooktop, hood required
      Dual dishwashers
      Revol dinnerware
      Perfex salt & pepper mills
      Falk copper cookware - everything
      Except maybe a Le Creuset dutch oven
      Knives, knives, knives... maybe Ryusen Blazen, Misono UX10, or the Hattori JCK Cowry X set

      1. ULTIMATE ultimate?:

        4 dishwashers (2 meat and dairy, 2 Passover meat and dairy- no expense spared, remember?)
        2 microwaves
        2 ovens
        Large fridge
        large separate freezer
        All stainless counters
        3 stainless sinks
        2 full sets of knives plus a couple of santokus
        6 sets of dishes (regular meat and dairy, nice meat and dairy, Passover meat and dairy)

        I'm sure that there are other good ideas here too, but i'm out of them for right now.

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        1. re: masteraleph

          You have more or less doubled my requirements with the meat and dairy/Passover requirments. Wow, I would have trouble keeping them straight!

          1. re: masteraleph

            A vegetarian Kosher kitchen would only need a dairy, and Passover dairy dishwashers, and one set of knives. And only Three sets of dishes! *stirs the pot...* (respectfully)

            1. re: toomanypots

              Yo TMP,

              May I offer you a bigger padle?

            2. re: masteraleph

              Once you start doubling up for Passover, you might just as well have a whole second kitchen. I know people who do have a second kitchen for Passover, though a scaled down one.

            3. Lacanche Sully range, classique configuration – 6 burner, built in wok ring and cast iron simmer plate. Matte black with brass trim.

              Danze, single handle brass wall mount pot filler.

              BlueStar, 60” Wall Mount Pyramid Chimney Range Hood with Internal Blower & Halogen Lamps, powder coated mat black.

              Two Monarch meat blocks. A 30” X 36” butted end to end with a 30” X 60” cutout, drilled and plumbed to fit a 36” cooktop for an 8” island.

              Viking Designer Series, 36” 5 burner, continuous grate cook top, black with brass trim.

              KitchenAid architect series 36”, island mount canopy hood, black.

              A second Jenn-air bottom mount freezer, stainless door refrigerator. One that opens to the right.

              Blanco, 47” triple bowl under mount sink.

              Danze, concealed deck mount brass faucets.

              Cambria natural quartz coutertops.

              Climate controlled, walk in pantry/wine room.

              The last 9 pieces of Falk copper cookware needed to complete my collection.

              The entire line of Kaiser's La Forme bakeware.

              And a custom home to put it in.

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                1. re: Demented

                  Kaiser La Forme is amazing. I only have the 9" springform, but it's probably the best piece of bakeware I own.

                2. Fifty-seven microwaves.
                  OK seriously now: Thomas Keller.