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Mar 5, 2009 02:40 AM

Stone Park lunch with a little (2 month old) baby?

Hi - meeting a friend at Stone Park to try out their lunch this week. I've never been and want to make sure it's fine for very, very little kids. Other alternatives in the area are welcome (Snice?)

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  1. Not meaning to be a wise ass but are two month old children able to eat anything but baby food? Or are you speaking of atmosphere? Personally, I find Stone Park's food to be way over seasoned. Their food quality is second to none but they screw it up by over doing it with items such as salt on the burgers and fries, vinegar on the salads and so on.

    1. I just ate lunch at S'nice yesterday with my four month old (he slept). Stone Park across the street was empty, S'nice was packed, and for good reason. It was casual and pleasant inside and the thai peanut wrap I had was delicious and the side salad was nicely dressed. Half the tables were singles with their laptops, the other half of the tables were young moms with babes in laps. I would highly recommend S'nice.

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        Thanks, everyone. We did eat at Stone Park with Snice as the backup plan. Baby slept through the entire thing (thankfully) and I really enjoyed the main in my prix fixe - seared salmon over a barley "risotto" rich with mushrooms and mushroom jus. the app of shaved brussel sprouts was too sharp and mustard-y. had an interesting dessert of smoked chocolate ice cream. the prix fixe is $19 and decent value.