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Mar 5, 2009 02:02 AM

3 Nights in Shanghai

Following on from my posts about Hong Kong and Beijing, I'll also be in Shanghai for 3 nights in June. And I would like yet more advice :o)

Fu 1088 is already decided for one night (5 year wedding anniversary, so something a bit different and special).

Another night I'm thinking YuanYuan (for Hong Shao Rou). I can do a pretty good soy braised pork myself, and it's a firm favourite of mine, so am looking forward to trying something authentic.

The last night I'm thinking Guyi for Hunan food. I want to sample as many cuisines as possible while in China and don't have anything Hunan planned for any of the other cities I will visit (Hong Kong, Beijing, Xian).

For lunch I'm thinking Shanghai Uncle. Another day I'm thinking dumplings. I _love_ dumplings, but have never tried xiao long bao or shen jian bao so am looking forward to sampling some from Jia Jia Tang Bao and Yang's Fry Dumplings respectively :D

I'm also after a breakfast option or two near the Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World hotel (Nanjing Road). Ideally will be within a short walk, quite cheap, and serve up something fast and tasty.

I don't think I mentioned in any of my previous posts that I plan to post reports of all restaurants I try upon my return (end of June). I find Chowhound a great resource, so hopefully I can help others too :)

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  1. Yuan Yuan is quite traditional. I can't remember much since I tried it 5 years ago but I think it is above average. For Shanghai cuisine, I have more memorable meals at Sophia's, Ji Shi, Xiao Nan Guo, 上海人家, Xin Guan, SHanghai Uncle. You may want to consider 1221's since it is very popular for Western expatriates.

    Guyi is pretty good if you can take spicy food; I highly recommend this one, just beware that you may have to wait as it is full all the time, so be there early.

    1. For hong shao rou, the consensus among locals seems to be that Ji Shi (Jesse) has the best in town. That's the original Ji Shi on Tianping Lu not one the "new" Ji Shi spin-offs. I can't disagree, though I've yet to try Yuan Yuan's version.

      Doing Yang's and Jia Jia is easy, as they are across the street from each other on Huanghe Lu, an easy walk from Nanjing Dong Lu and People's Square. The strategy I've see people use is to go to Yang's for an order to go, then eat them while waiting in line at Jia Jia. Just don't wear your best shirt.

      Shanghai has gone crazy over Sichuan food and THE hottest table in town is at Xin Xiang Hui (multiple branches). There were horror stories about two-hour waits, but they have a reservation system now. I'm going to attempt it on my April trip, and will have a review here if I succeed.

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      1. re: Xiao Yang

        Ji shi (Jesse's) is the place to go. Was not impressed with Yuan Yuan on my last visit 3 yrs ago so I never went back.

        1221 has always been good since Michelle opened it some 10 years ago.

        1. re: Peech

          Just need to note that 1221 caters more for the taste bud of westerners.

          1. re: FourSeasons

            Yes, fully agree with Peech and Fourseasons.

            I saw the most caucasians gathered in one spot in 1221... The prices match the clientele as well.

            I would go for Jesse anyday..

      2. I've only been to Guyi once -- i liked it a lot, but i like Dishui Dong better, partly because of the homey atmosphere (particularly the Dongping Lu branch, where i've prob been to 20+ times)...i recommend the deep-fried eel w/ chilis (available at Guyi too)...

        another cuisine to consider is Yunnan...there is a very cute, casual place called Southern Barbarian (hidden behind some art galleires on Maoming Lu) that does traditional Yunnan (though it's esp popular w/ expats)...and there is a sultry, stylish Yunnan/Burmese/Tribal restaurant called Lost Heaven that's fun too...

        And if you get hungry late-late at night, consider going to the hallowed, studenty Bao Luo, on Fumin's open til 4am...

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        1. re: Simon

          I'll second Southern Barbarian, one of my favourites, make sure you try their eggplant cold starter (with tomato and soy sauce), they've got the most extensive beer menu in Shanghai too, they must have 50 or so imported beers if not more.

          1. re: E Woks

            yeah, i like that eggplant dish too...and also the grilled Yunnan cheese starter...the beer selection (for micro-brews, artisnal ales, from all over the Pacific NW, etc) is the best i've ever seen in Asia...

          2. re: Simon

            I'll second the Southern Barbarian suggestion, one of my favourites (nothing to do with their enormous imported beers menu), if you go make sure you try their cold eggplant starter with tomato and soy sauce!

          3. I am looking forward to hearing about Fu 1088 - plan to return on next trip to Shanghai, which I hope will be later this year - as well as all your other experiences.

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            1. re: buttertart

              It'll be mid-June that I go, but I will be sure to post a review

            2. I know that it's not local food but, if you have the chance and want something really special, have you thought of M On The Bund? Proper fantastic view of the bund and the wonderful Glamor Bar is downstairs. It's western food but so beautiful (plus the view!) it is worth a trip for any visitor to Shanghai.

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              1. re: hels

                I did consider it, but opted for Fu 1088 instead. And I only really want to go to one expensive restaurant in each city in this trip :)

                1. re: hels

                  The view - great - I thought good for drinks and dessert. The rest of the food however, was so so. Better food at those prices elsewhere.