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Mar 5, 2009 01:21 AM

Restaurants near Pl. de la République

Does anyone have any ideas regarding simple but good restaurants in the upper Marais area not far from République? A related post about the Place des Vosges is also very useful, but I'm looking here for little places a little farther up. Thanks so much.

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  1. On my list of places to try in that neighborhood is Auberge Pyrenees-Cevennes, 106 rue de la Folie Mericourt in the 11th, metro Republique. Southwest--cassoulet, etc. Tables cloths but of the red and white checked variety.

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      I love Le Pamphlet (38 rue Debelleyme, 3e--about five blocks S of Republique)--have been there four or five times over the last 6 years. Nice, spacious, QUIET, homey place with a focus on traditional dishes with a gentle nod to modernity. Service is generally relaxed and warm (not typically Parisian). The prix fixe was about 35-40 euros in November, if I recall, and in addition to three courses it includes a few extras thrown in (some madeines with coffee, an amuse buche, some charcuterie, etc). Wine list is not extensive but is respectable and fairly priced.

      Reservations are essential, and I don't know how English-friendly they are--I have never heard any English spoken there.

      If you go, let us know how it was!

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        Thanks--sounds like a great recommendation!

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          Many thanks to JmVikmanis and zamorski for recommendations that, confirmed by remarks on the internet at least, seem perfect.

      2. While close and well referenced, l thought Astor was dreadful, big portions of adequate food and very mediocre cheese. If you can cook, on Rue de bretagne, is Boucherie de Marais that has wonderful boudin noir with a hint of cinnamon that can be cooked easily with apple quarters and will top most restaurants for quality.

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            Rue de Bretagne has a number of great food shops on it...great place for a stroll.

            1. I ate at Chez Janou last night, which would fit your request for "simple but good." Provencal cuisine, cozy and bustling, not far from République (probably not worth traveling across town for, but reliable if you're in the neighborhood).

              1. try le reveil du Xeme: 35, Rue Château d'eau in the 10th (just behind the marie of the 10th) - it's a wine bar with great classics - good charcuterie plates, great duck confit; etc.

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                  True, but one of the few neighborhoods in Paris l am uncomfortable in, seems a bit dicey, and l never worry about stuff like that.

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                    as a woman i never feel uncomfortable even by myself (but i've lived in some dicey areas, so maybe i'm used to it?) i used to live around the corner, and have never had any problems in this area (esp this part of chateau d'eau - it's becoming more gentrified daily)

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                      Could you please qualify the word "dicey" for me? Is this part of the 10th more "dicey" than other areas of the cities? And what exactly makes the neighborhood, my neighborhood "seem" "dicey" to you?

                      Because it would be too bad not to come here. It's pretty, vibrant, eclectic, and from a food point of view, especially from a chowhound perspective (this site isn't just about Michelin stars, or is it?) I believe the area to be one of most interesting in Paris. True, it's distinctly lacking in Michelin rated eateries (perhaps that's what makes it dicey?), but there are great Kurdish, Turkish, Pakistani, and Chinese restaurants, along side some trendy french bistrots, and brilliant shops.

                      True, it's not "authentic", whatever that word means, like St Germain, or Montorgueil, but I believe it gives you an accurate reflection of contemporary Paris.

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                        Thanks to all for your advice. Let you know my impressions afterwards next month after I go up to Paris.

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                          l must apologize making that sound more worrisome then it was. One of my favorite bakeries is in that area at Jacques Bonsergant metro, Les Pain and les Idees,my apt is in 11th and go to the 10th all the time. l had had two bad experiences at Chateau d'Eau metro stop and now do not use the stop. It was not the neighborhood, which is wonderful, but the metro stop which l meant to describe as 'dicey'