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Mar 4, 2009 11:58 PM

Gallows Rd/Lee Highway Area Restaurants

I will be staying at the Courtyard in Vienna, VA right next to the Dunn Loring Metro station later this month and would appreciate any suggestions on reasonable ($-$$) places to eat for a single person. I like hole in the wall and value type restaurants that aren't chains. I don't have a car so I'd like to visit someplace close that's walkable. I will be walking down Gallows Rd from Highway 66 to Arlington Rd. Looking at maps online, it seems like it's a mile or so in each direction. I hope the area isn't too dangerous for a pedestrian to be walking in traffic wise. If Lee Highway is too scary to cross for a pedestrian, then are there any options at the corner of Lee Highway and Gallows Rd?

I thought I would ask here since most of the time a hotel will recommend chains. The hotel has a Vienna, VA address but it seems like it you walk a block or two south you are in Merrifield if that helps any.

Thank you for any information and I hope this request isn't too unusual.

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  1. Definitely not overly pedestrian friendly. Hopefully some others are more familiar than I for you - though I used to be fairly familiar. To the South along Gallows not terribly far is Sweetwater Tavern, which is my second favorite outpost of a good very local chain - nearly each outpost has a different "flavor". Sweetwater is the brewery outpost.

    Across the road from it is Grevey's. Not outstanding in the food dept, but you could certainly do worse. Nice large bar and very welcome for one diner.

    I can't picture in my mind where the hotel is, but at the corner you mention there's a large Asian supermarket. I recall a couple of good hole-in-the-wall joints in the same shopping center - Asian and I believe kabobs of some origination.

    I do hate when the hotels rec chains - even when I say I don't want chains they'll most often point me to an Applebee's. Do they think that's the only one?

    As for the names - Vienna, Merrifield, Tyson's and to the North, McLean all are incestuous with each other's geographical location.

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      The large Asian supermarket on the corner of Lee Highway and Gallows Road is H mart. They have a small food counter that has good, cheap Korean options. It closes a bit on the early side, though.

    2. Yes, the area certainly isnt very pedestrian friendlly, but there are some decent eats around there.

      You should check out Four Sisters Restaurant, which is not too far away from the Gallows/Lee Hwy intersection. It's a family owned Vietnamese place has just moved to a new location which seems to have given the restaurant new life. The food is really awesome. Roast quail, bbq meats with vermicelli, spring rolls, papaya salad, kho dishes, rice crepes...all the vietnamese classics.(not a place for pho though).

      I would also check out the Great Wall Supermarket across down the street from four sisters, which is just fun to roam around in.

      Also, if you have metro access, there's no reason you can't hop on the orange line and go into Arlington or DC for some good cheap eats. Plenty of posts on those restaurant-rich areas.

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        I'll echo what everyone is saying: the streets you'll be navigating are not pedestrian friendly. Add in the element of night-time lighting and I'd be very reluctant to do what you're proposing. CoconutMilk's suggestion to use the Metro will be your best solution.

        Minh's and Nam Viet are accessible via the Orange Line. I mention these two with some reluctance since Four Sisters, an excellent Vietnamese restaurant, is significantly closer to your hotel but you'd be walking the pedestrian-unfriendly roads.

        Ray's Hellburger is half-way between two Metro stops (Rosslyn and Courthouse) but the walk would be on sidewalks. At least, I think you'll find sidewalks all the way.

        A significantly longer Metro ride (Cleveland Park stop) will take you to Dino's in DC. Authentic Italian food and a superb wine list at moderate prices.

        PS7 would be another Metro ride into DC (Chinatown/Gallery Place) and may be above your price range, but the food is superb.

        1. re: Indy 67

          I would contest the notion that you can't walk down to Merrifield. There are sidewalks on both sides of Gallows Road. I've walked the sidewalks along the area around the intersection of Gallows and Lee Hwy down to the Rt 50 intersection many times with no problems. Just be aware of the traffic and don't jay walk and you'll be fine.

      2. The area of your hotel is called Merrifield. I have two excellent recs for you.

        The first is 1.2 miles from your hotel, but I consider it one of the top five Chowhound destinations in the DC area, Myanmar at 7810 Lee Hwy in Merrifield.

        Start off with the ginger salad, then go on to the whole roast fish or the pork with fresh mango. If you want to be VERY authentic, get a side order of the homemdae ngapi gyaw, which is a condiment made with dried shrimp to sprinkle over your food.

        Or stay on Gallows. about .6 miles south of your hotel is Peking Village, a Sichuan Chinese Restaurant near the Unique Thrift Store at 2950 Gallows Rd in Merrifield. There is a Chinese supermarket in this shopping center, the Great Wall, so they get mostly Chinese clientele. They have some very good small plates (chao xi). Go for the dan dan mein and try the smoked fish (served cold and with bones, so be careful). You have to ask for the Sichuan menu. They also have a Chinese-only menu which includes their offal selection, so ask for that if you are so inclined. In this same shoppping center there is a new Vietnamese soup place called Southeast Asian Corner, interesting menu, but I have not been.

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          Steve, I second your vote for Myanmar! Delicious salads - try the tea salad as well!

        2. You really should do Four Sisters if you can. It is a little bit of a walk.... There is nothing right next to your hotel, but plenty within a mile, as others have mentioned. There is also a Five Guys in the same plaza as the Great Wall supermarket mentioned.... although some don't like it, I still think they make pretty darn good burgers IMHO.

          1. is four sisters on the same side of gallows as the silver diner?

            didn't the "lamplighter" used to be in the vicinity? or was i mistaken, and it is located on jermantown road, as always?

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            1. re: alkapal

              Alkapal - 4 Sisters is on the other side of Gallows from Silver Diner. Lamplighter is on Jermantown Rd., as always.

              1. re: Meg


                as to 4 sisters, i thought someone said it was "across the street" from the great wall supermarket.... so to me, that meant the same side of the road as silver diner. [it was coconut milk, who wrote "I would also check out the Great Wall Supermarket across down the street from four sisters, which is just fun to roam around in."]

                but i re-read steve's post, and he said it is in the same shopping center as great wall. hope i'm sorted out now! ;-).

              2. re: alkapal

                Four Sisters is on the opposite side of Gallows Road from the Silver Diner, and on the back side of the building. You can't see it from Gallows Road, you need to go down Strawberry Lane to the back corner.