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Mar 4, 2009 08:28 PM

Man v Food - San Jose

Adam eats at 3 places in the SJ area:

Iguana’s Burritozilla

Adam stops in to attack the Burritozilla -- a monster 17-inch burrito weighing in at 5 pounds.
Joey Chestnut (professional eater) eats the Burritozilla

Address: 330 South 3rd Street, Suite A, San Jose, CA 95112

Henry’s World Famous Hi-Life

Adam visits the historic San Jose landmark for the beloved finger-licking baby back ribs.

Address: 301 West Saint John Street, San Jose, CA 95110


Adam braves the Hellfire Challenge -- a dozen wings drenched in a sauce so lethal, it isn’t even on the menu.
Address: 2565 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050

I haven't been to any of these. Any reports?

Henry's Hi-Life
301 W Saint John St, San Jose, CA 95110

Iguanas Burritozilla
330 S 3rd St, San Jose, CA 95112

SmokeEaters Hot Wings
2565 The, Alameda Santa Clara, CA

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  1. I haven't been to Iguana's for about a year, but last I recall, I've enjoyed their chicken, shrimp and fish tacos.

    1. My buddy is gonna go eat one of the burittozillas after some jujitsu tournament. Ill report then.

      1. Iguana's is a favorite for a co-worker so we've gone there a few times after a meeting nearby. The orange sauce is better than La Victoria's "famous" orange sauce: creamier, spicier. But the food is americanized - not necessarily a bad thing, just not a typical taqueria. Less choice of meats, the tacos have lettuce & cheese as the default. But it's tasty enough (well anything would be, with that orange sauce). It's hugely popular with college kids (duh, given the location).

        Often there's a huge line but it moves along (except when they decided to fill a call-in order for 20something burritos and everyone in the store who had ordered & paid & were kept waiting). I don't remember ever seeing the burritozilla on the menu or even as part of the restaurant's name, I wonder if that's a new gimmick.

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        1. re: Alice Patis

          The La Vic Orange Sauce is crazy good, so I cant even imagine how this stuff is. I actually found out whats in it, and it kinda turned me off from it. Mayo, Cayenne Pepper, Chorizo Grease.

        2. Did Cluck U. become SmokeEaters?

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          1. re: kc72

            Yup, earlier this year they switched the name to Smoke Eaters.
            Along with the name change came a new coat of paint, new names of the usual menu items and sauces, and a bit of a price hike.
            But they did keep the daily specials, the gallon beers, and the yellow-hued projection screen.

          2. Finally, a food travel program that showcased places I've been to!!!
            3 for 3 on this episode!

            Is it sad that this has provided some false sense of accomplishment for me....?

            Iguana's is portrayed pretty much true-to-form. Always packed, always stuffy, always fantastic. And yes, the 'orange sauce' is better at LaVic's. I'm supposed to be a non-pork eater, but the Al-Pastor here has a kryptonite-esque quality... I always cave-in.

            Hi-Life is a traditional pitstop for all hardcore Sharks fans given its location directly behind HP Pavillion. I've only ever been in there to get a few drinks before game time with fellow teal-blooded fans. Never had the food, but the bartender there is always good for a story or two before the puck drops. After watching this episode, I'm dying to try the food.
            I'll keep you updated.

            And Cluck-U.... I will never call it Smoke Eaters. I've been going to Cluck-U for my entire adult life. The wings are definitely the main character in this story. But they do have a great supposrting cast of white meat strips, assortment of fries, burgers, sandwiches, and sides.
            There are 7 levels of heat. The top 3 are NOT for the faint of heart, they hurt. But they hurt so very good. I've made it to 'thermo-nuclear' which I believe ranks #3. My usual order is 'traditional death' which packs a sweet but potent punch.
            And everyday there is a different special. Ranging from $2 pint night, to 1/2 price wings, $1 strip night.
            And keep in mind, there's a Safeway next door. So you can run over and grab a gallon of milk to put out the fires.

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            1. re: Shahrizzle

              I went to Henry's Hi-Life today for lunch. Can't believe it was so close to HP Pavilion after all of those years of seeing hockey games!

              Anyway, they are a steak place and the ribs are grilled rather than smoked. So if you require smokey falling off the bone BBQ, it may not be for you.

              But my friend and I split the spare ribs and baby-back ribs and quite enjoyed them. It's an old school steak place, so even with the lunch special you get a salad of iceburg lettuce, a baked potato with butter and chives and some yummy garlic bread with your meal.

              The ribs had a nice crust on them and were tasty. I would probably give the nod to the baby-back over the spare ribs. They served a serviceable thin tomato-based BBQ sauce on the side.

              Definitely check the place out if you are in the area and want a comfy place for some meat and a beer.