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Mar 4, 2009 06:36 PM

Ok, gimme the lowdown on EAT

So y'all say that you can BYOB at EAT...what exactly does that mean? Do I also have to bring the mixer?
Enough on that ...How is the FOOD? I love the idea of bringing in the good stuff for some bloody marys, but I need to know that the food will also help with the hangover. What is the good stuff? Are they worth checking out for anything other than breakfast/brunch?

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  1. I ate there a few weeks ago- had the special; some kind of seafood and pasta dish that was awesome. My buddy had BBQ shrimp- wouldn't even let me try one! We brought our own bottle of wine, which made the entire meal really inexpensive- I know 'cause I picked up the tab, and I'm really cheap! Go there- enjoy!

    1. I have not been there but based on everyone's recs here I am going next week on my annual trip....I hear the blue cheese and fig torte is awesome. Plus BYOB is kind of appealing.... ;-)

      1. I LOVE EAT! You bring your own mixers if they don't have what you want....I bought Red Bull. They are VERY lax,

        1. I usually take Champagne and they are more than willing to supply the OJ. I really like this place. Last time I had a spinach and goat cheese omelet that was delicious.