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Mar 4, 2009 10:57 AM

Mariscos Chente in the LA Times [split from LA Board]

[Note: We've split this discussion from an LA board thread about Mariscos Chente, which you can find here:


Mariscos Chente in the LA Times today!! Three cheers for Thi Nguyen.

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  1. awesome!

    also cool to know that a CH'er writes for the LAT.

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    1. re: ceviche

      It is cool. How did he go about getting that gig? Thi, I believe you're a regular contributor now (if I'm not mistaken you're also the editor in chief for the chowhound digest in Los angeles?

    2. Although perhaps you should have been mentioned in there. since if i'm not mistaken you're the poster that led most of us there. unless you didn't want a notice that is.

      still have to try the Kilo fish, do you happen to know if you can get it without the chipotle mayo sauce and would it still be pretty darn good and moist? not a fan of mayo.

      thanks again for your initial review and now the la times piece.

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      1. re: kevin

        Kevin, the mayo is fat used in the cooking which will keep the fish moist.Believe me, moist zarandeado is a good thing.You will not taste mayo as a dominant flavor at all, you will taste chipotle, seasonings, and succulent fish.Give it a try at least.

      2. Thanks for the props, guys.

        I've actually making comments over on the other thread...